Trump says lengthy Mueller probe is ‘bad for the country’

December 30, 2017

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is “bad for the country,” and the only collusion with Russia during the presidential campaign was by Democrats, President Trump said in an interview published Friday.

“It makes the country look very bad, and it puts the country in a very bad position,” Mr. Trumptold The New York Times of the Mueller probe. “So the sooner it’s worked out, the better it is for the country.”

The president said a Russia investigation led by House Republicans is getting closer to the heart of the real Russia story — that Moscow was working with Democrats during the 2016 campaign.

“I actually think it’s turning to the Democrats because there was collusion on behalf of the Democrats,” Mr. Trump said. “There was collusion with the Russians and the Democrats. A lot of collusion. Starting with the dossier. But going into so many other elements. And Podesta’s firm.”

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  • bobnstuff says:

    It turns out that Mueller isn’t working on collusion, he’s working on conspiracy. If the Russians offered to hack the DMC for Trump a law was broken and Mueller can send people to jail. Simply talking to the Russians won’t get much. Other then that it’s just money and the flow of it that can nail people. Flynn is going down for lying to the FBI also a crime. If Trumps hands are clean he has nothing to worry about and since he keeps the investigation in the headlines as much as anyone it’s a pretty good bet his hands aren’t clean.

    1. DrBillLemoine says:

      Bob, Mueller’s group is studying the impact of Russian influence on our 2016 elections. That means he is also following illegal behavior wherever it leads. We don’t know anything about his findings yet and only surmise things from overt results like with Flynn, Manaforte and Papadopoulos. Let’s not presume Trump innocence because there is much smoke while the smoking gun, the reality is being closely held by investigators. We do see much evidence and can certainly guess at some rationale by Trump because of his hiding, obfuscation, distractions and excessive ‘innocence’ pleas so far with veiled and obvious threats to Mueller. Give it time, something our treasonous congressional leaders aren’t helping in Nunes and Ryan primarily.

  • Pete says:

    From back when Traitor Bill was impeached for among other things debauchery in the White House, the pipe dream of the left has been to impeach a conservative. Not just any conservative would do, it must be a sitting president.
    George Bush had a group shouting for his scalp from almost the minute he was sworn in.
    It started with Donald Trump just a few short days after he won the 2016 election & the feeding frenzy has only intensified.
    Speculations ranging from the simply asinine to the nearly deranged have regularly appeared in print and been shouted over the network news for nearly a year.
    All the while people supposedly in a position to have the facts never seem to get beyond generalities.
    Media outlet after media outlet produces a supposed smoking gun revelation that they must retract or at least correct within days if not hours.
    To date there isn’t any factually verifiable information. After a year of digging that produces only more speculation, there can’t be much of anything there. . Rumors, no mater how appealing, supported by endless speculation are still rumors.

    1. DrBillLemoine says:

      Pete, actually it looks like you got the timeline backwards. The impeachment of Clinton was retribution for Nixon, with flimsy articles so he was not convicted in the Senate. He was charged for lying to authorities about his dalliance, something any of us might do in the face of our spouses and long-term attacks from the far right. Mueller’s investigation started with Russian hacking our election but has delved deeper for cause of collusion, racketeering and lately malfeasance in office by Trump and company. What you see today is the result of installing an immoral and unethical businessman into the presidency, despite his all-so-obvious background and personality flaws in both business and personal life. We must face our children and grandchildren someday and explain what exactly we thought and did to ensconce him as our ‘leader’, assuming of course that we are not so debilitated by Russian hacking and influence over our government that we can regain our former standing with allies first and enemies next. I have confidence all this will pass as with crooked Nixon who was also transparent to me before election in 1968.

  • podunk1 says:

    Muller is like a pet rattle-snake… nice to have around to remind everyone you’re scared of nothing… 2 problem are they bite & it can be fatal, and nobody in their right mind want to be near them!

    1. DrBillLemoine says:

      Podunk1, imagine what your statement means about the sanity of 60 million Americans who actually cast votes to elect Trump, rattlesnake or not. Some people are hidebound and can’t vote for individuals, only party line; some are power hungry and will vote for anything to get it, like the proverbial yellow dog of yesteryear; some are simply seeking advantage in finances like Trump and conservative fat cats who want authoritarian rule they can control with their money. I’d like to envision a wave election actually draining the swamp of conservative ideologues and Birchites and immoral/unethical types in DC today, perhaps 2018 elections to start.

  • ccblogging says:

    The Democrat witch hunt should be ended. Then prosecute Mueller, Comey, Hillary, Obama, the FBI, the DOJ and all their Democrat criminal dirtbag accomplices.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      The head of the FBI was appointed by Trump as was the AG. If the members of the executive branch doesn’t support Trump who’s at fault. Look at all the empty office in the West Wing, look at all the staff members that have quit Trumps White House. If Trump wants loyal people he needs to hire them and then show them the loyalty he expects form them. Mueller isn’t on a witch hunt, he is looking for the truth, that is something Trump and his supporters have a hard time understanding.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    No doubt any Mueller committee findings about Russians hacking and influencing American elections in 2016 or otherwise will be ‘bad for the country’–and very bad for Trump. I’m not excusing the lack of efficacy by ex-Pres. Obama who knew things but didn’t act on them in 2015. But really, the evidence revealed in public so far, ferreted out by intrepid and investigative reporters in mainstream media–notably the Washington Post and New York Times–paints a damning picture of many, many Trump operatives contacting Russians from the mafia chieftain himself, Vladimir Putin, through Ambassador Kislyak to Russian spies in their New York bank and American mafia types at Mar-a-lago. So much activity with Russian personalities because and related or not to Trump’s real estate financing by Russians (because American banks won’t touch him for his bad business practices and welshing on borrowed money) is not innocent.

    Russian hacking of our political centers including the Republican’s headquarters does not need proof of a single vote affected, but is still foreign involvement in our election and therefore is illegal. All those people related to Trump who contacted Russians must pay a price for such collusion and racketeering (remember the unreleased tax returns that would show positive dependence of Trump on Russia?) and we must “lock ’em up”–to coin a phrase.

    And it’s akin to treason for congressmen to avoid pinning down the Russian interference in 2016 and impending 2018 elections. Nobody is blind to Russian meddling in French and British elections, nobody is ignorant of Russian intrusion into Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova physically with troops, so let’s get the b**tards, or by God we’ll elect people who WILL get to the bottom of this outrage by a third world country.

    1. ccblogging says:

      Doctor Quack is Back! Bill, you are no more of a doctor than I am. You are a college propagandist educator filling our young people with stupidity like your post.

      1. Goldie says:

        But, if you notice, like all empty heads, he has a lot to say.

      2. DrBillLemoine says:

        Contrary to your ‘belief’, I’ve taught many future doctors how to do bona fide empirical research which far surpasses most soft studies lacking facts, solid foundations, and scientific methods. cc, my graduates have performed exemplary service to their towns, states, country and disciplines using my proven techniques, unlike your alternate facts, lies and Russian bot sources. I don’t expect you to understand as you and your party have abandoned truth, justice and the American way under Trump and the Freedom Caucus successor to the Tea Party and prior John Birch Society/KKK/white supremacy advocates and officials. We must make America great again by dumping all the current officials appointed by Trump, congressional leaders seeking only party power for their wealthy donors, and swamp monsters who are emboldened by Trumps immoral, unethical and even illegal behavior.

  • Morton Friedman says:

    Without even a single demonstrated instance of Russia effecting a single vote, the whole business of ‘collusion’ is nonsense. That countries try to influence the mindset of other countries, is a normal process that is played by many countries. But what this ‘collusion’ exercise does is to smokescreen actual crimes that are not being addressed. And that ‘crime ladder’ goes right to the top.

    Note that the prosecuting of crimes is a prosecutorial decision, as the result of a conviction may have more impact than allowing the criminal to go unpunished. Consider if Obama were to be convicted for treason, and the potential for major riots that might ensue.

    1. Ben says:

      If Obama broke the law, he should be punished
      If rioters break the law they should be punished
      That’s how a civilized society works.

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