Trump White House hangs looming ‘Schumer Shutdown’ on Democrats

January 19, 2018


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, met with President Trump at the White House Friday as part of efforts to avert an imminent government shutdown, just hours after the White House coined a decidedly Trumpian phrase in the battle to assign blame for the standoff, branding it the “Schumer Shutdown.”

Trump summoned Schumer to the White House shortly after Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, speaking to reporters at a press conference, pointed the finger at Schumer for Democrats refusing to back a short-term spending bill unless it includes protections for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children.

The nickname echoed President Trump’s well-documented penchant for hanging nicknames on political adversaries, and the invite appeared to complete a carrot-and-stick approach to negotiations. The move comes as Republicans and Democrats scramble to assign blame to their opponents, knowing that whoever is seen to be behind the shutdown is also under pressure to return to the bargaining table.

In his remarks, Mulvaney accused the Democrats of opposing a bill that contains nothing they are against.

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  • Navy Bob says:

    The Republicans in the House passed a bill. The Republican President is ready to sign the bill. There were enough Republican votes to gain a simple majority in the senate. And the DEMOCRATS and the media (redundant) are blaming the Republicans? Schumer is holding off money for military families, children’s healthcare and the elderly in order to blackmail the Senate for ILLEGAL ALIENS. His “deadline for DACA” is a LIE. His desire to make life hard for this administration is the reason for his childish behavior. And yet the lap dogs in the media will continue the lying narrative that the President and the Republicans are SOLELY t blame for this act of idiocy. They will put out story after story about how this is so, then poll their readers/listeners and act all high and mighty when the mindless repeat the lies the media is promoting. what a country we live in.

  • Barbara says:


  • Bundoker says:

    No matter how wrong Democrats are, infighting divided Republicans can never ever win the blame game. ‘da Dimms as Lou Dobbs calls ’em, and Soros own the media. Their lies and claims ring true when repeated by all except one network. Schumer uttered a rare truth today, that Repubs cannot govern … Why was that true? ‘Phants’ vote by personal whim not party line even when they must; unlike Chuck’s lockstep indentured servant DImms.

  • Pete says:

    This is a stalling action by Schummer to stave off the inevitable collapse of one of the lefts voting blocks. Illegals are a potential replacement for the blue collar voter.
    The blue collar voting block put Trump over the top in 2016 & will do it again in 2020.
    Trump holds all the aces, Even with a total lock on the heathen press narrative,
    Schummer can’t win, all he can do is stall.

  • Schummer I will give a sigh of releif when you, and the people you support are hanging from a tree on the white house lawn. This should be like Rome and all of you impaled along the Apian Way. The inquisition / This is a revolution thats going to fail and you know why? You democrats have done nothing but bear false witness, and complain. You democrats have changed your minds on the wall publically. If the truth were known the dreamers & Daca couldnt have been a coincidence? The far left hasnt offered up anything but more taxes, and regulations. They arent talking about 770,000 acres the chinese bought. Its supposed to produce uranium, in the southern states. If they hook up with Jerry Browns idea of being king of California were in serious trouble. Just some of what Obama said he was going to do? Medical insurance money would run through the federal government on a single payer plan.That sounded nuts to me when illegals get free health care you pick up the slack and, pay for our brown skinned guests.
    Its the other promise to change the demographics of america. You europeans have become a minority. The illegals operate on the premice they are on the same legal footing as a citizen of the USA. Think again you illegals are to be tried by the immigration laws we already have you breached.. All of you your time / tears / termoil its over. Look at it as an extended vacation & free education for you. To all americans this is a government take over its what you get for being nice. Cinco de Mayo has long been over. Its time for you illegals to go back home, and were not saying yes this time. Theres a new sherriff in town, and youve stayed far to long. Some have never seen or remember where home is. It seems to be a personal problem. Take what you have stolen and learned with you change your country not ours after all south of the border is your country. Oh shut down the government! We can then terminate alot of jobs that arent necessary. I see term limits in you future Schummer. Audios to him and the democratic voters base.

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