A possible candidate is born: Sen. Ted Cruz a ‘wild card’ for GOP presidential bid

August 20, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz has released his birth certificate, visited the states that traditionally open the Republican presidential race and cemented himself as one of the few no-holds-barred foes of Obamacare.

Taken together, the moves signal that the 42-year-old Texan — elected to the Senate less than a year ago — is seriously considering a run for the White House.

“I think Cruz is in and he is serious and he is going to be a tough out,” said Mike McKenna, a Republican strategist. “He is going to be the disruptive force in 2016. Cruz is the 2016 wild card now.”
On Monday, Mr. Cruz looked to put to bed any questions about whether he is eligible to run for president by releasing to The Dallas Morning News his birth certificate, showing he was born in 1970 in Canada to an American mother, giving him both Canadian and U.S. citizenship. By Monday evening, The Washington Post was reporting that Mr. Cruz plans to renounce his Canadian citizenship — clearing the way, apparently, for a White House bid.

The decision to release the document put him in a similar boat as President Obama, who in 2011 released his birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii in 1961 after “birthers” claimed he was born outside of the U.S. and therefore has been illegally calling the shots from the Oval Office.

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  • David in MA says:

    Cruz would make a better Speaker of the House.

  • David in MA says:

    No! No! No!
    The person who is qualified under the Constitution MUST be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, that being, a person who is born to two person’a who were born in America and have the child born in America. NO half and half.
    DOWN WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND VIOLATIONS OF THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, just look at what we have because of it…..obammy and his islamic marxist agenda. NO obammy, NO Cruz, NO Rubio…..

  • Jerry Alexander says:

    How has Cruz helped Sheriff Joe with the BC Fraud?

  • Sue Gorney-Welch says:

    Obama, Cruz and Rubio are NOT NATURAL-BORN citizens to 2 (two) American parents. One parent makes them citizens, but, NOT natural-born. Let’s get with it and stop ignoring the FACT that, even though “natural born” is not specifically defined, the intent can be surmised from earlier documents that it is meant to be the offspring of 2 citizens. Rubio’s parents were NOT American citizens when he was born. Thus, he is NOT natural born! Also, dual-citizenship should not be allowed. Why would we want a president whose has allegiance to 2 countries?! Obama has NEVER proven that he renounced his Indonesian citizenship. Heck, Congress should DEMAND his college records, etc. But, Congress is meek and has no guts. NO ONE of them will challenge the authenticity of his remarks. Let’s see the proof!!!! We have a right to the truth! As for prospective candidates, let’s get ‘real natural-born Americans’ and the others can be part of the TEAM!!!! The team concept is the ONLY was we will win the upcoming election, anyway. If we are a nation of laws, then, let’s stick to the laws and founding documents as they are meant to be. Team members will always be needed and they do not have to be “natural-born.”

  • Jerry Alexander says:

    That`s great!I guess now he will back Sheriff Joe,or,tell us if he has a better explanation the BC issue.Havn`t heard much from him on that obvious fraud.

  • Maranatha Mark says:

    If Obama is legal, Ted Cruz sure as heck is! At least Ted has put his REAL birth certificate out for all to view… Obama hasn’t, in my opinion! In light of Obama’s presidency, there is no reason for any concern over Cruz’s citizenship. At least Cruz didn’t go to school as a “Foreign Exchange Student” to get financial aid!

  • SniperToo says:

    Oh!, h@ll NO. Cruz is a snake in the grass. Two face. He will NOT get my vote.

  • Alan Bartley says:

    I like Senator Cruz and think he would make a good president. Not like the work we have now. However, i think that to be president; one must be an American born citizen with both parents born in the U.S.

  • Linda Wenz says:

    We love Ted Cruz,and hope he will be our next presidental candidate.The man is true blue American.Hopefully follow the Constitution of the United States,and not let the law-breakers pull him down,like they have done in the past.

  • Charles McPhate says:

    I am proud to have supported and been represented by Senator Crus. The GOP did everything it could to elect his opponent, but Texas won an outstanding senator. Senator Cruz would be an exceptional president. Of course, any cur dog would be far better than Obama.

  • James Maxwell says:

    At least Ted Cruz can show a real birth certificate, we still haven’t seen any such
    documentation from omarxist nor his minions.
    His father was from Kenya and he was born in
    Kenya. His grandmother testified that she
    was present when he was born in Kenya. His
    step Father adopted him in Indonesia and we
    still do not know when nor how he arrived on American soil. To many discrepancies in his
    background that have not been cleared up nor
    answered. Omarxist continues to hid his background from public view with a massive team of lawyers and lies.

  • Linda Wenz says:

    Thank God HE IS AN AMERICAN.
    We love Ted Cruz.He has our votes,and we have quite a few.I can talk a good talk if i like someone.We are TEA PARTY followers.All the next president has to do is love AMERICA.Witch we haven’t seen a long time.
    Just do the right thing,follow the Constitution,that’s all we ask of any legislator,that has the vote to decide our future.Republicans are getting whimpy,and we need a strong man-woman to speak for us.
    Ted Cruz,we are counting on you.God Bless America,and Ted Cruz.
    Linda Wenz
    Niagara falls,N.Y.

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