Doctors warn Minnesota measles outbreak still “early” as cases increase

May 7, 2017

minnesota-measles-outbreak-2017-5-5MINNEAPOLIS — New numbers from the Minnesota Department of Health show the measles outbreak in the state is growing, CBS Minnesota reports.

There are now 44 cases reported in Minnesota, which is up from 41 on Thursday. The outbreak is primarily in the state’s large Somali-American community, where many parents avoid the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine because of unfounded fears that it causes autism.

All but two of the cases involve unvaccinated patients.

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  • BooBooBaby says:

    We can blame Obama and his administration for this ALL of this!!

    Why do we put up with this!?

    Because of things like this I can’t and won’t vote for another DemonRat Liberal or a Rhino Traitor Again!

  • ken51136 says:

    Obama didn’t remember how the Indians of this country were not immune to the diseases the new people brought with them and killed many natives of this country. At one point it was deliberately initiated to clear out the natives for their land.

    1. BooBooBaby says:

      The Native American Indians were Never Natives of the Americas….we were originally from ASIA!

      1. ken51136 says:

        All I was saying is they were the first to settle and occupy this country besides the Vikings who came later. I am part Cherokee, English, Irish, ( my Mom’s side ) and German ( my mom’s side ). While in Europe; people developed immensities to many common deceases in Europe that were not in the Americas; so the Indians who were here; were not immune to them.
        “The Native American Indians were Never Natives of the Americas….we were originally from ASIA!” The natives had lived here for Thousands of years and filtered down through South America. ( Incas, etc ). By this and your theory you can say that those who settled in ASIA were from the some where else on the European Continent / Africa , and eventually we all descended from one location in the end. Deceases were picked up by different Groups from different areas, and the deceases have Mutated over that time and will continue to do so.
        So your saying there is no such thing as Native; then FROM CREATION crawling from the ocean to the present day man; we are where we are AND WHAT WE ARE. Being part Indian, I am part Asian; But I AM AMERICAN and I’m sure the Indians in the Americas were not Muslim. They had their own religions other than those of their original origins.

  • MyronJPoltroonian says:

    I was railing against illegal immigration well before Obama was even a state senator. Now, thanks to “Him” and “His” policies, we have diseases being let into this country we thought we’d eradicated decades ago.

    1. Judiroleary says:

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  • Rodney Steward says:

    This is what happens when you let trash into our country, somebody is going to get sick or killed from this disease infested rats!

  • Fred says:

    I had measles when I was a child. Barely remember it. I remember enjoying not going to school for a couple of day. Everyone got measles as a child back then. It was no big deal. And your body created immunities that would last forever. But now, with the vaccine, people get measles as an adult, and that is a BIG deal. It would be better if no one ever got the measles vaccine.

    1. Szabadsag says:

      …” I remember enjoying not going to school for a couple of day.” It was no big deal. … Fred

      Let’s see if “Fred” enjoys his case of Shingles when his immune system is compromised from some other affliction later in life. Idiot!

  • Andre Poirier says:

    Get vaccinated ot go back where you came from

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Forget the meds., just send them back!

      1. BooBooBaby says:

        Thank you! Exactly what I am thinking!

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