LA Lefties Threaten Trump SUpporter

June 29, 2017

Cudahy-incident-Julia-WickA Trump supporter who is also a licensed to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) was arrested Monday in a tiny town in southeast Los Angeles County known as Cudahy for allegedly pulling a gun and brandishing it as a left-wing mob surrounded his car at a gas station after a protest rally outside the city hall.

According to an official press release from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD), Thomas Green, 51, of Culver City, was arrested on the scene at the intersection of Clara Street and Wilcox Avenue in the city of Cudahy.

“Suspect Green was arrested for the charge of Brandishing a Firearm and booked at East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station. He was released on a Notice to Appear and the firearm was held for evidence,” the statement saus.

The LAist, a Los Angeles-based online news source, had a reporter on the ground when the confrontation broke out between competing protestors, and documented a number of aggressive anti-Trump protestors approaching and surrounding the car, and showing the driver of a white Toyota Corolla holding what appears to be a weapon.

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  • Gregory Carter says:

    La La Land insanity.

  • Mike J. Hrivnak says:

    We have the right to bear arms, which is the right to protect ourselves! Surrounded by a mob, what would you do?

  • exoticdoc2 says:

    The cops arrested the wrong person. You have to defend yourself against these hypocritical liberal wackos who have proven themselves very violent. No wonder the left has a thing for the muslims, they both adore violence.

  • Tiger says:

    Trump supporters have been known to have gangs of this filth drag them to the ground, attack them and brutalize them. A gun a good equalizer. They are lucky he didn’t use it.

    That crowd circling his car were not there to give him hugs, we have seen at Trump riots during the election that they push cars on their sides, get on them, kick them, stomp on them and if possible get to the driver.

    They are lucky he did not shoot someone but my guess is he held off knowing he was in Crazy Cali and that would only make matters worse. This way he can say he feared for his life and used restraint.

    Time for every Patriot to carry. I never go out in public without something to protect myself with and it is where I can get to it easily.

    1. CCblogging says:

      I am armed too Tiger. The Democrat Fascists might want to pick a softer target.

      1. Tiger says:

        They believe that their fear tactics will work, in California with it’s Insane leaders they still will have to think twice, on college campuses they are bullying, in Leftie states they are bullying and the country has become their playground, but we are not playing when I draw I will shoot.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Amen, If I ever have to pull it won’t be for looks!

      2. American John says:

        You think they would not want to watch you pull your dress up over your head and s**t in your panties while prancing around screaming and urinating on your feet. I bet you do not even own a gun or know how to shoot one.

  • Webb says:

    A threat of danger upon one’s like is the only reason a gun should be drawn…
    Mr. Green had the option to drive off and end the confrontation…
    Understanding his thought of showing his weapon but that was not the answer..
    Fear of Life…The only reason to pull one’s weapon.

  • CCblogging says:

    Those Democrats doing their wolf pack thing deserve to be shot.

    1. American John says:

      Would you be the one to do the shooting.

  • bobnstuff says:
    This is the article that Brietbart is spinning into something it’s not. Forget Trump vs, the world and see how an event can be twisted by Brietbart. The guy with the gun was dumb as a post and the original article paints a totally different picture then Brietbart does.

    1. CCblogging says:

      He should have shot those Democrat fascist pigs.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        You didn’t read the base article did you? Outside protesters come to your town. After the protest the call someone from the other side over to their car and pull out a gun. He calls his friends and everyone starts taking pictures of him. You say he should have shot them. What if it was you that was the local and being confronted at gun point by some outsider? They should shoot you, right! Oh and just for the record it’s Democrat Socialist Pig, it’s the Republicans that are the fascist pigs, you need to keep those things straight.

        1. CCblogging says:

          All Democrats are NWO Fascist cowards and it is comforting to see you simpletons lose election after election. You fascists are going the way of the dinosaur.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            My guess is you are clueless as to what a fascist is. Maybe you should go look it up. I know words like fascist and socialist communist and capitalist might be a little hard for a Trump supporter to understand but if you try real hard you might just be able to. As far as who the coward is in the news story I think the guy that needed a gun might fill that roll.

          2. CCblogging says:

            Clueless? Let me illuminate you bob. Communism dictates that the state owns all and controls all, with no private property rights allowed… Fascism dictates that private property is allowed but the state totally controls those rights thus being the de facto owners of that “private” property….. Both ideologies are left wing like you Democrat socialists are. Both ideologies are totally controlling and when you boil it down, I don’t see a nickel’s worth of difference between the two. You dims are only capable of collective thought and most of you dims are Fascist Socialists. You need to break out of the box. Good Luck.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Now that you have looked it up see what party is closest to the fascist’s. I will give you a clue. it’s not the democrats. Also now that you have figured out how to look things up check out dictator and see who comes to mind.

            Now as far as if Fascism is left wing here is a very good piece form one of the most if not the most conservative publication in the country

            I hope it’s not above your reading level.

          4. CCblogging says:

            You Fascist Dems have more in common with Hitler than with the American people. Hitler’s political party was Fascist Socialist just like The Democrat Party is. The dim party is the party of globalism, Islam and slavery. No one is buying what you dims are selling.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            I see once again you know nothing about the history of the Third Reich, Hitler or his rise to power. I also find it funny that the Party that has supported international trade and nation building for decades is now the isolationist party. Even funnier is that only a small part of the party in fact supports that stance.

          6. American John says:

            CCBloging How did you get that ignorant you had to be dropped on your head.

          7. Rodney Steward says:

            Only you bobby can come up with such bullshi$, what is this, a spin off of islam, a big lie!!

          8. bobnstuff says:

            Once again you are proving that you are an empty can just rolling down the hill. Have you ever heard of the National Review. They don’t like Trump because he’s to liberal for them. I guess this article is above your reading level.

          9. Rodney Steward says:

            But they loved Obama and Hellary that wanted to finish off America with MASS FLOODING of Illegals from all over the word, and it’s the Reps. or the right’s fault for their beliefs! We just got through with the WORST 8 years in history under Obama, I’d drop it! Now that the investigation is going wrong for the Dems., now, JUST LIKE I said all the blacks under Opey have the race card in their pockets, now look at Rice now that the heat is on her using the race and gender cards! Typical blacks, under fire always holler R-A-C-I-S-M!

          10. bobnstuff says:

            You can’t be that stupid or maybe you can. I guess you don’t know who William F. Buckley Jr was either.

          11. Rodney Steward says:

            Another Socialist!

          12. bobnstuff says:

            You don’t know who he was and were to lazy to look him up. You are amazingly stupid.

          13. Rodney Steward says:

            Mostly lazy today, but figured he wasn’t much, after all you thought Obama was great, and he was just another thug!

          14. bobnstuff says:

            Just so you know Buckley is one of the founding fathers of the American conservative movement and he helped build the National Review into the top conservative publication in the country. You should read it some time. The NR and the Christian Science Monitor are both pretty good reading but not aimed at the Fox viewer but at true conservatives.

          15. American John says:

            I agree with you tRump is a fascist pig

          16. American John says:

            Tell us what a hero you are about your 43 SS and 71 PH all earned posthumously .What a fing moron your are.

      2. American John says:

        Would you have shot them?

  • Highwayman says:

    The guy made a mistake. Gun is not for show and tell. You only to draw a weapon when you’re going to use it you don’t draw it to play with it and you don’t draw it to threaten anybody. He should have waited until the point was he could have said I was afraid for my life then shot the son of a bitch is every one of them. But you never ever throw one unless you’re going to use it because it’s not a toy and it’s not something you brandish when you do you’re asking for trouble. It is clear he must have hesitated. It is clear he needs to go back to some class and learn more about carrying a weapon. Either do that or take the weapon off and don’t wear one at all because he’s sooner or later going to get himself in over his head having it. Personally from what I read I think he was being stupid. I know I am being redundant but you do not draw it unless you’re going to use it and if you do not know that don’t put one on until you do period he’d have been better off using mace

    1. RB says:

      I’m guessing, but when the crowd began to circle his car he felt threatened and probably drew his gun thinking that just showing it would cause the crowd to back down.
      Like you said, that wasn’t the best thing to do. He probably would have been better off just driving off before the threat escalated, unless the crowd was preventing him from doing that.
      If the threat escalated to the point that he did fear for his life, then taking action might have been appropriate.
      We have to remember that this took place in California, where Trump and anyone who supports him is persona non grata. I don’t think normal laws exist in California, it is so eaten away with the liberal way of thinking. California is so overrun with liberals that have no respect for anyone with a view that differs from theirs, that it is almost a hostile territory for anyone with conservative views. Many times the conservatives have to hide their views just to escape liberal opposition. California has turned into a place that America was never intended to become.

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