Muslims Take Over New York Street – Start Praying in Front of Trump Tower for Ramadan (VIDEO)

June 4, 2017

DBSBEVfW0AAOxjDNew York – Muslims continued on with their civilization Jihad as they took over the street in front of Trump Tower during ‘Iftar’ or ‘breaking their Ramadan fast’.

There is no reason for this other than Muslims letting the infidels know that they here and working on their Islamic takeover.

Of course Hamas-linked, Linda Sarsour was also there spewing more lies about her intentions as a Muslim activist. She claims Trump is full of hatred and divisiveness which of course is untrue. The real hate and divisiveness comes from Islam and Sarsour knows it.

Muslim countries are the most bigoted places on earth. Several Muslim countries don’t even allow Israeli Jews to enter, yet Sarsour acts like a victim. Saudi Arabia prohibits Christian churches and Jewish Synagogues from being built, so save us the crocodile tears, Sarsour.

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  • eddie says:

    Richard Frick,,I’m with you,, the authority’s should have rounded them all up and drop them off at the nearest meat process plant and have them all process PORK 24/7 ,,,, allah will take care of them,,or so they will find out!.. ha!..ha!..ha!!!!….. e :- )

  • grandmary42 says:

    And that weak mayor let’s this go on? VOTE HIM OUT!

  • Robert Early says:

    How about some New York Cabbies just driving through them at 60 mph. Do they have a parade permit? Or are they illegally blocking traffic? Mow them down?

  • carpkiller says:

    Everyone of them should have been mowed down. Firearm,truck. something to take them out. If this is not done we will have London all over this country.

  • Richard Frick says:

    There all in one place, put them in a dingy and tow them to sea. Keep the paddles, allah will take care of them. This is the USA not the middle east.

  • Bob in Florida says:

    Early railroad engines used to have a device called a ‘Cow Catcher’ or ‘Cattle Catcher’ on the front to “gently move” cattle off the tracks.

    Why do U.S. cities with this type of ‘obstructionist’ populations not utilize a similar attachment that could be mounted (like a snowplow) on any number of vehicle types. Line up two or three such equipped vehicles, side-by-side; start at one end of the street and slowly proceed to ‘plow it clear’.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    What a waist, a perfect time to have poured gas from the roof tops and dropped a match, these pathetic gutter rats!

  • gvette says:

    What, no one in NY city owns a machine gun? There should have been nothing but a pile of dead Muslims in the street!

    1. roboteq says:

      That is why no one in New York is allowed to own firearms. American citizens in many large cities are more subjects than citizens.

  • Anthony says:

    I give them their freedom to do their prayer, that’s not a problem but when they take over a New York Street to do it now they are interfering with someone else’s freedom it’s time to put a stop to it, move them out

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      This was planned by a woman, the muslim activist Linda Sarsour, the same woman that started the women’s march with the “PU” hats!

      1. Mariejhall says:

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  • mad max says:

    Mahatma Gandhi,”Among the many misdeeds
    of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a
    whole nation of arms as the blackest.”
    Mahatma Gandhi.
    Tyranny an the demoRATS:.
    Never forget that Stalin banned guns in 1929, then turned around and murdered over 20 million of his own people once they were defenseless!

    Hitler banned guns in 1938, then murdered 13 million people afterwards …

    And Mao Tse Tung banned guns in China, then murdered 40 million helpless citizens …England’s chickens are coming home to roost!

    We can NEVER let that happen in America. LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

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