New Orleans: Removal of 3rd Confederate-era monument begins

May 17, 2017

Confederate Monuments New Orleans
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Piece by piece, New Orleans’ landscape is changing as city workers take down massive works of bronze and stone that once seemed immoveable in a region where some still cling to a Confederate legacy.

The city announced late Tuesday that it had begun the process of removing a statue of Confederate Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard – the third of four monuments city officials plan to take down across the city. The news release came as police cordoned off the site and what appeared to be a large crane was moved into position. It was not clear how long it would take to remove the massive bronze likeness of Beauregard on horseback.

“Today we take another step in defining our City not by our past but by our bright future,” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu in a news release. “While we must honor our history, we will not allow the Confederacy to be put on a pedestal in the heart of New Orleans.”

Landrieu called for the monuments’ removal in the lingering emotional aftermath of the 2015 massacre of nine black parishioners at a South Carolina church. The killer, Dylann Roof, was an avowed racist who brandished Confederate battle flags in photos, recharging the debate over whether Confederate emblems represent racism or an honorable heritage.

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  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    If, by removing all the Confederate references they are trying to erase the past and I never heard of anybody being able to make it look like the Civil War never happened. “He who has no past, has no future either”.

  • usmcltc says:

    Only a liberal would think that it is okay to revise history to his/her liking. And people wonder what is wrong with the way liberals think. This should give you the answer.

  • Luke says:

    All references to slavery should be removed from text books and libraries as well.
    liberals are the worst of the worst

    1. Roy Fredrichsen says:

      I recall that George Washington had slaves on his plantation. Are they going to take-down all references to him, too?

  • Rodney Steward says:

    History was twisted from the start with the teaching that the civil war was over slavery, and now this BS with our Heritage! Remove everything African American that really does not exist! There has not been, and you couldn’t pay the blacks to go to Africa, this is the only Heritage they know also! This is a kiss a black a$$ move!

  • Ken says says:

    When the Liberal Elite Establishment is done rewriting the History of the USA no one will ever know we were here – just another 3rd World Country among the equally poor in the NWO (Globalist World) thanking the Establishment for out daily bread (if we are lucky enough to get some).

  • Dee says:

    This is a disgrace ! Shame on you landrieu ! Americans Better Speak out and get these idiots Out of Office before we can no longer recognize Our Own Country ! Our History is being desecrated and fast ! All part of the obummer syndrome where people are caving to the Disgraceful left !

    1. ChiefD says:

      Why blame the pansy? It’s an annual flower, dies off after fall. Liberals are more like crabgrass, kill it in one spot, it keeps popping up in another.

  • Eastcoastcoonass says:

    That is a shame that they are removing our history, but before anyone commits review your history. There were more slaves in the north than the south, and also white people were being used as slaves before the black people. But one more thing the Chinese had the most slaves of all there own people. But look it up before committing.

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