Trump commission again asks Arizona to release voter data

July 29, 2017

Adrian FontesA leader of President Trump’s commission on voter fraud has made a new request to Arizona for voter data previously denied by Secretary of State Michele Reagan.

Reagan’s office received the request from Kris Kobach, vice chairman of Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, on Thursday. It follows a ruling from a federal judge earlier this week that allowed the commission to continue seeking voter records.

The secretary of state’s legal team is reviewing the request. They “hope to have a decision at some point soon,” Matt Roberts, Reagan’s spokesman said.

In Kobach’s latest request, he said the commission won’t release any “personally identifiable information” about any individual or group from records submitted to them. He wrote that these records will be kept “confidential and secure,” and that the data will be discarded once the commission’s analysis is finished.

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  • dmttbt says:

    Remember when John McCain had to cancel whatever he was doing and fly back to Washington to cast his vote and I don’t remember what it was on but something of great importance and he got back and voted the opposite of what he had been saying.
    Remember when jihad John was so much against Obama care when he was running for president and then when they had a chance the other day they waited for brain dead to return so he could vote not to stop Obama care?

  • dmttbt says:

    I don’t know why people valued John McCain’s opinion on things for years because he voted whichever way it benefitted him. Now that he has verifiable brain cancer could we please stop paying attention to what he says?

  • Lkfeinb says:

    Would you be willing to have your personal information released? Trump won’t even show his tax returns!

    1. dmttbt says:

      Were you as upset with the fact that Obama’s records were sealed and are still sealed? If not why not? The government as in the internal revenue service has Trumps information, that is what they do but that is not good enough you want everyone to see what is in his tax returns. Personally I can’t even figure out my own taxes much less act as if I am qualified to examine his.
      Trump is and has been a very wealthy man and now everyone wants to hate him for that. Grow up, get a life. When they showed a place owned by Trump and showed all the expensive things, what were they trying to say? Yes he has a much nicer house than we do and some of us are doing well to have a house at all.

  • Bob says:

    If this were a Democrat requesting the info and a Republican refused to comply, how quick would the Democrats and the media (redundant) be screaming “COVER UP”? If there is nothing to see here, prove it. The Trump Administration has to prove that there is no collusion; the Democrats won’t just take their word for it (like they did for all the Clinton scandals over the years). There is far more circumstantial evidence of voter fraud than there is of collusion, yet one is shouted from the rafters and one is ignored.

    1. dmttbt says:

      Why don’t you contact the Internal Revenue Service and ask them? That is what they do and you don’t think they are qualified to do that. While you are at it ask that Obama’s records be unsealed. BTW see if he went to college on a program for foreign students.

      1. Bob says:

        The IRS did stonewall an investigation. Using the tried and true Democrat tactic, thousands of e-mail became “unavailable” or “missing”. Once there was a “New Sheriff in Town”, it was found that the IRS did collude to keep tax exempt status from Conservative groups. And, no I do not think they are qualified to do that. They should have been forced, under penalty of jail time, to produce the records. Not that it would have mattered in that time frame: then President Obama would have either shut down the investigation, either thru executive order or pressure on his “Just-Us: department, or pardoned the offenders.

  • mudguy1 says:

    By denying the request is like pleading the 5th which means that they have something to hide.

    1. dmttbt says:

      Did you have the government go out and arrest Lois Lerner for pleading the fifth? How about all the others who have also done that? Why is it even legal to allow someone to plead the fifth? Why is the senate exempt from insider trading laws? Why don’t the politicians have to go by the same laws as what they pass for everyone else?

      1. mudguy1 says:

        Did I say anything about arresting anybody? Lois Learner had something to hide. Same with Michele Reagan, he has smoothie to hide.
        “When we lie to the government it is a felony, when politicians lie to us it is called politics”

  • roboteq says:

    With John McCain still being in office, I would be willing to bet voter fraud in Arizona is what keeps him there.

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