California Democrats Want Data on Lobbyists’ Race, Sexual Orientation

July 12, 2017

california-state-capitol-640x480Democrats in the California state legislature are asking lobbyists to provide data on the race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation of their firms’ employees — while the state refuses to give voter data to President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the leaders of the “Legislative Asian Pacific Islander, Black, Jewish, Latino, LGBT and Women’s caucuses” sent letters “to more than 400 lobbying firms, associations and major groups that employ lobbyists” asking for them to provide data on their employees, including their sexuality.

Though lobbying firms are not legally required to provide such information to the state government, companies fear that they could lose access to legislators if they fail to comply.

A retired lobbyist, speaking to the Bee, slammed the legislature’s request: “This is about as valuable as the stuff Trump wants on voter data. I don’t understand what he wants to do with that either.”

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  • Warren says:

    None of their Damn Business !! Citizenship Sex & Age and there are only Two Sexes M & F

  • Bob says:

    So they want information on race, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity but refuse to tell how many times they voted? I wonder if they consider “dead” or “illegal” in the categories they are looking at? It sure matters in the voting.

  • Walter Flatt says:


  • MidnightDStroyer says:

    The “retired lobbyist” cited in the last paragraph is correct on both counts: The Federal government has no lawful justification in acquiring voter information derived from the Popular Election because it’s the Electorial College that decides AND the States have no lawful business collecting detailed data on the members of the Electorial College because that’s Federal jurisdiction.

    By the Constitution, the Powers of the Feds are strictly limited in both numbet & scope, while the Powers of the States are unnumbered & broad. The States were set to act as a “buffer zone” between the Feds & the People, thus the Separation of Powers must remain separated.

    The American Civil War happened because the Feds had already been building up a history of usurping States’ Powers, thus 11 States rejected the status of Statehood to form the Confederacy. It was unlawful Federal encroachment that caused the Civil War.

  • teaman says:

    You couldn’t pay me to live anywhere in Californication.

  • Humble Servant says:

    I believe a state should be able to provide a list of names for everyone that voted in any election it held. This information should be dependable if asked by the federal government. I also believe the voters ballet is private and should not be known by the state. This being the case if the federal government should find impropriety in the results coming from one state and requests a verification the state should comply to keep the credibility of the election system. If you have something to hide you will look like you are just doing that if you are not able to prove your case. Don’t corrupt the system, do it right and passing this information on will not cause you a problem.

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  • RB says:

    Do the words “discrimination”, “profiling”, or decency mean anything to California Democrats?
    I thought that Democrats were all for acceptance, diversity, and freedom to choose. And yet they ask for very personal information that can only be used to profile and discriminate against certain lobbyists.
    What good would be knowing the sexual orientation or race be unless it is going to be used to classify that individual as a certain type that will not be deemed to be the type that Democrats want to promote? For example, if a person declares that he is a white, heterosexual male, is that something that is going to be held against him because Democrats would prefer a person of color, who is female or transgender, or whatever?
    There are laws on the books against discrimination because of age, sex, and race so why are California Democrats demanding that this information be turned over to them unless they plan on profiling and discriminating against certain lobbyists?
    And yet Democrats are fighting over supplying the federal government with voter information when that information is either something that the government has already or is public information. It makes no sense other than the fact that Democrats are trying to hide the fact that voter fraud is more prevalent than we think. We know that voter fraud exists, we just don’t know how widespread it is.
    Democrats know that voter fraud is a tool that they use to get votes, so evidently they are going to oppose any attempt to reveal the truth. I can almost understand their point of view there, but then to turn around and demand information on lobbyists that can only be used as tools to profile and discriminate against them is hypocrisy at it’s highest.

  • Terribtucker says:

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