Gov. Ricketts on Keystone: Being Less Dependent on Foreign Oil is a Big Deal

May 6, 2017

It’s that time of year again where the financial world turns their eye toward Omaha, Nebraska for Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting this weekend.

Liz Claman caught up with Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (R) as the event kicks off in a FOX Business exclusive, where he weighed in on the Keystone pipeline, and why his state is “excited about the opportunities to get the Keystone pipeline working.”

President Trump brought the controversial Keystone pipeline back to life on March 24, by issuing a permit allowing the pipeline to be built from Canada, through Nebraska and America’s heartland.

Despite its much disputed reputation and month long protests in North Dakota, Ricketts said the project will “create jobs here in Nebraska, lots of tax revenues here in Nebraska, of course help us become less dependent on foreign oil – that’s a big deal.”

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  • bobnstuff says:

    Does the Governor understand that Canada is a foreign country? Of all the countries we get oil from Canada is number one. Most of Keystone is done and has been for a while, it was only the last link, phase 4, with Canada that was being held up. US oil has been using it all along.

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  • randy jackson says:

    Americans pay about $500,000,000 (five hundred million) per day to import foreign crude oil. Wouldn’t it be smart to keep that money here. Just think how quickly walls could be built if this money became available IN the USA.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Of that $500,000,000 over a third goes to Canada. I agree that we should keep the money here. We have wells sitting idle while we are building a pipeline to import even more oil.

      1. randy jackson says:

        So many things in our country today makes me wonder if we’ve lost the ability to engage logic, facts and common sense. The issue of crude oil imports is one of them. Additionally:
        1)The State Dept dragging their feet cooperating with Judicial Watch trying to get access to Hildabeast’s Benghazi related emails and 2) The treatment of the Bundy’s in a Federal prison in the United States right now.
        Where in the hell is Sessions getting these obvious atrocities corrected?
        Pardon the rant—-the obvious seems to be camouflaged.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          There is nothing more to learn about Benghazi, we spent $8.000.000 on it already and nothing will change no matter how much people want to blame Clinton.
          Bundy did break the law and is right where he should be. Bundy was ripping off the American people for 20 years and though he should get a free pass. If you used someone else’s property to run your million dollar business would you get a free ride?

          We are the victims of a media that has decided that getting people upset is a sound business plan. Facts have no meaning to them, only creating a following. They sell hate and distrust.

          Little things like just who will the Keystone pipeline benefit doesn’t matter. Do we need to import more oil? Is the oil we are bringing in something we want since Canada chooses to send it to us while still importing oil themselves. This is some of the nastiest oil in the world and Canada blocked a pipeline across their country for it.

          1. randy jackson says:

            We seem to disagree—-which is fine. Thanks for keeping it civil. A few counterpoints:

            1. Benghazi—-why did the Obama administration stay with blaming the Benghazi attack on a video, when they knew it was not. Secondly, why didn’t our military mobilize to aid Americans under attack. Going back to the root of it all, why was the Ambassador there when every other country had recalled theirs. There’s more, but I’ll stop there.

            2. Regarding Bundy, whose ranch is about 100 miles from where I live, he was ranching that land long before there was a Forrest Service or BLM, 2 why did BLM strong arm protesters, why did they mock them, why did they kill Bundy’s cattle, why did they destroy his water lines, because the cattle were crushing desert turtles (that, by the way, was the excuse at the time) yet crushed dozens of turtles during their attack on Bundy’s property. I doubt you are aware of the inhumane treatment of the Bundy’s in Federal confinement (pls watch:

            3. The Keystone pipeline oil is all currently being imported to the USA now, either by Truck & Trailer or Rail, the pipeline will simply reduce the transportation cost significantly, making subject oil less costly and improve the safety of subject oil’s transportation. The pipeline is not the first in the area there are many others. I believe this really gets back to an agenda derived in the last decade to attack carbon (coal, crude oil & natural gas). Like you, I agree we should import less oil, from all sources. Just trying to provide points of consideration that seem to be lacking in any Leftstream media reporting.
            Thanks for the civil discourse Bob,

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I could go back and forth on Benghazi but I wont waste the time, all I will say is after eight different investigations the Republicans couldn’t nail Clinton or Obama. I have done a lot of research on this and what you think you know isn’t quit how things went down.
            In Bundy’s case all I know is he was using government land without paying for it.

            Keystone is a different story. We have a pipeline servicing the same area as the new Keystone pipeline will. It has a very bad safety record because the oil eats pipes. If they needed more capacity why not just lay another line right next to the one that’s there like they are doing with the pipeline about a 100 yards from my house instead of running a line through a aquifer. The reason they are running the line through the US is Canada doesn’t want the pipeline. Tar sand oil is some of the nastiest oil you can get. We don’t need this oil, we can become energy independent any time we want to. The only reason now with the price of oil as low as it is to build the pipeline is political.

          3. randy jackson says:

            Good input —- thank you.
            How ironic that we’re both very logistically close to 2 of the 3 issues. Seems like that contributes to the knowledge base. I know that many people from Southern NV, northern AZ and elsewhere rendezvoused at the prison (Nevada Southern located in Pahrump, NV, again today). This is a federally contracted prison—-operated by a private company. I know a few people that went today, will get you a download tomorrow (have not heard anything yet).
            Neither of us are logistically close to Behghazi—–thank God. Appreciate you sharing your opinions. It’s nice to debate/discuss issues without all the hatred and profanity. I tip my hat to you sir. Are you a Vet?

          4. bobnstuff says:

            I enjoy a good back and forth. I try to be very logical about things and by debating ideas I can exercise my gray cells
            I checked out your link and is will be interesting to see what the lawyers do about the Bundys treatment. I also tried to check out just who redoubtnews is but they seem to have a very limited footprint on the web.
            Benghazi has been blown out of proposition by both the media and the Republicans in congress. If it wasn’t for Clinton being indirectly involved it would have been out of the news with in a few days. I’m no Clinton fan but I think to many people wasted way to much time on the event.
            No I’m not a Vet, 4F, bad knees from a motorcycle wreck. I had two brothers in the military in the late 60’s. I think my mother was very relieved by my not going into the service. It is nice to just debate without the anger some people here feel. Nice chatting with you.

          5. randy jackson says:

            Good Morning Bob,
            Regarding the prison in NV holding the Bundy’s et. al:
            Seems like the turnout yesterday was light 30-35 people. Nothing in the local newspaper today.
            Nothing on local tv either.
            The road to the prison is in a remote location and the street leading to the prison was blocked off.
            I think now I understand why these privately operated Federal prisons are being phased out. Stay tuned, personally I think the Bundy’s are getting the shaft. Are they perfect???—–no, far from it. I understand their grazing fee argument—–but, most reasonable people would handle the issue differently. Many believe they are millionaires, far from it, they are dirt poor ranchers, trying to eak out a living in the same fashion, as their family has done for over a hundred years. Not very bright, but they are patriotic and undeserving of the strong arm Federal treatment of the BLM and Forrest Circus. This story has been replayed dozens of times in NV as the Feds continue to gobble up more and more land. They currently control about 80% of the state of NV. It all starts innocently with a declaration of Wilderness status (just like Obama did in his final days, Gold Butte—-look it up—most in NV are opposed, but with a signature and hiding behind the Iniquities Act, O roped off almost 2,000,000 acres—-no discussion—-no debate, just a signature from the Bully Pulpit—-and the Federal Government continues to grow ever larger.). Then over time—– trails, roads and off road access are restricted. To the point of being fined or jailed for “Trespassing” on Federal Property. I’ve encountered these “Federal Officials” and I can say they are full of themselves, strong arm, threatening and bullies.
            Another example: The desert tortoise is endangered, so after that status, the Feds imposed all sorts of regulations (any work in the desert mandated the contractor to have a biologist on site to protect the turtle) all “captured” turtles were transported to a Federal habitat for safe keeping. (side note: I was driving home one evening and saw a desert tortoise on the highway, pulled over, moved the tortoise to the side of the road so it wouldn’t get run over, felt good about it, until I was lectured by a Federal Bully, threatened with arrest and a citation, but being the great guy he was, he let me off with a stern warning—-all bullshit.)—back to the habitat. There were thousands of turtles at the habitat, many died off from disease, then came the sequester, funding restrictions, the habitat was effected, so what did the Feds do—–killed all the turtles and shut down the habitat. There’s no stopping these moron’s. Logic and common sense have vanished.
            Likewise I am no Clinton fan, nor am I an Obama fan (which is obvious). But I would like to see the State Department and the Dept of Justice fulfill the Freedom of Information requests (from Judicial Watch) that they have been stalling on for years, then when released many documents are 100% redacted. When all the evidence has had a full review and Hillary & the Obama Admin. given a “not guilty” verdict—-I will join you. Meanwhile I continue to be skeptical of Big Government and it’s over reaching and illogical approach to practically everything. Example : Was the Ambassador in Benghazi buying back arms provided to the Muslim Brotherhood by the State Dept to overthrow Khadafi? Stay tuned—-I will.
            4F—I was 1A, so immediately after graduating from college at 20 with 2 kids I got drafted. Didn’t want to go, but didn’t engage the draft dodging tactics like Cassius Clay & Lew Alcindor, but those 2 years —–today—-I am very proud of.
            Phew—-that’s a lot—-sorry about that. Have a great day young man,

          6. bobnstuff says:

            The fight between Bundy and the BLM had been going on for twenty years. In the beginning the BLM was very nice and asked for payment just like everyone else but Bundy didn’t feel he had to, even though he had no claim to the land, he had never owned it nor had his family ever owned it. The BLM took him to court and got a judgment against him. Bundy still didn’t pay up. After trying everything they could over twenty years the government finally took action. This land is maintained by the government, they take care of the roads and such. The reason why it’s federal land today is the state doesn’t want it. They don’t want the expense.

            Bundy’s sons don’t live on the farm and have money. My thing is Ranching is a business, as with any business there are costs. Bundy know the land wasn’t his and that there was a cost to use it. He decided to just take it without any real claim to it. That wrong. I have owned businesses and never did I get the means of production for free but Bundy did for twenty years.

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