Iowa pumps ethanol to 2016 field

February 16, 2015

Iowans have a message for presidential hopefuls: Don’t forget about ethanol.

The Hawkeye State’s political and agricultural leaders hope to make the renewable fuel and support for its federal mandate a bigger issue than it has ever been over the next year in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses.

“We’re going to be out there, working with the candidates and staffs, and really helping them, teaching them, letting them know,” said Eric Branstad, a Republican strategist and son of Gov. Terry Branstad (R).

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  • James in Texas says:

    Why should I even care about Iowa and Ethanol??? Let me count the ways, None of my 2-cycle engine yard tools ever run due to the damage ethanol does to them, food cost have gone through the roof, last trip to the grocery store, 28 items (no meat), $100.00 and ever-rising. The Feds shoving ethanol up our nose and Iowa feel they “deserve” to be at the head of the line, pushing! And no noted or known improvement to anything but the rise of our “Dictator” and his money-grubbing about climate change. Disgusting, Period!

    1. Mike N says:

      Well said. I pay $.80/gal more to get non ethanol gas for my boat to avoid costly repairs. There is no reason for the RFS other than to support farmers and the ethanol industry!!!!

      1. James in Texas says:

        What really “hacks me off” is this issue is a well known “pocket-liner” for many of our elected elites, while accomplishing absolutely nothing but costing the taxpayers! Everything about government is about money, OPM (other peoples money)!

    2. JIMBO says:

      Abolish ETHANOL and the only ones it would hurt are Al Gore, Richard Durbin, the Green Party and aleast 25,000 Corn Farmers who ALL get about $1million a year. Without ETHANOL gas would cost about 60 cents less. BUT the best thing Food Prices would drop about 10+% AND
      “WE” could FEED 10s of millions of starving people in ‘Thrid World’ countries.
      Peace with Prayers but carry a BIG STICK,
      Help save America. GoTo: RUNBENRUN

      1. James in Texas says:

        I do carry a big stick, one is .380 and the other is .223! I will be all-in for any Conservative that has shown the kind of “grit & courage” as Gov. Scott Walker, aka: “The Democrat Destroyer”! No more Insiders or RINO’s, Period!

    3. I Seigel says:

      Well, I agreed with everything you had to say until your stupid anti-Obama rant. The push for ethanol preceded O by many years. I love how you twist history just to suit your narrow ideology. Give it a rest. Monsanto and Cargill love ethanol – you should to, as a money-loving right-wing toady.

      1. James in Texas says:

        Don’t remember even mentioning Odumbo, I was actually thinking of Algore, but if you ever get to Texas, stop by the house and you can call me names to my face! But, I don’t think you will!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Oh, I see! So when you said “our Dictator”, you weren’t referring to Obama! Yeah, right. I thought people from Texas claimed to be a little more straightforward and honest than that. You must be from Maine or Connecticut or some other place where only fake Texans come from. Are you from Kennebunkport perhaps?

          Sorry for the name calling. I didn’t realize “Texans” were so sensitive.

          1. James in Texas says:

            Mr. Seigel, Ok, I get it. You are a Liberal, you know everything, your are a member of the intelligencia, if we all would just listen to you the world would be Nirvana and we would all be riding around on Unicorn’s singing Kumbaya! More name -calling, which is normal for Liberals when the facts cause the reality to be seen. You don’t know me or probably any Conservatives, and I’m quite sure you have no intention of every being found “dead” near one. Our nation is being turned into another Socialist third-world country, and because of your “guilt” about whatever, no one has any right to disagree with your “chosen one”! I’m not sensitive, I just draw lines in the sand, and then stand-up for them, Period! It’s a Conservative thing! Good luck with your Nirvana plan.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Once again, I find myself taking a step back and apologizing for the name calling. 98% of the Conservatives that frequent this forum have little to contribute EXCEPT name calling and personal attacks
            But I stand by the rest of my statements. As you do yours.

            And just so I have a sense of your thinking, let me ask: When a Conservative is next elected president, will that put a stop to “our nation (being) turned into another Socialist third-world country”? Do you see the problem as being caused by and ending with this POTUS?

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