Police: Trump Protester Assaulted Officer With Handcuffs

November 12, 2016


LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A Los Angeles police officer was recovering Friday after being assaulted by a Trump protester during a demonstration in downtown Los Angeles.

CBS2’s Kara Finnstrom reported the woman who is suspected of assaulting the officer has been arrested.

Another person was arrested for vandalism during Thursday night’s demonstration, police said.

Officers gave dispersal orders to an aggressive group that refused to leave from Olympic Boulevard and Olive Street around midnight.

Around 185 people were arrested in total.

On Wednesday, 30 protesters were arrested when hundreds shut down portions of the 101 Freeway.

In a statement, Mayor Eric Garcetti said the right to free expression is “one of our greatest privileges as Americans,” but added that unlawful, dangerous behavior won’t be tolerated.

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  • Glenn Hendriksn says:

    “MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN” ? take this huge ‘titted/breasted’ BIMBO down Lankershim Blvd in a dark alley and ‘exterminate’ her CULO with a jug of rate poison pellets (just a couple) and let her “rot” in a DIMPSTEY DUMPSTER in same alley ! NUFF SAID

  • Wolfman says:

    Ever notice that the Left never exercises their right of free expression without assaulting others who oppose their view. The polite word for forcing your beliefs on others is ….obtrude! The movements that have used obtrusion successfully in the past are the : Mafia;Fascism/Mussolini;Naziism/Hitler; Communism/ Lenin,Stalin ,etc.;Islam/ all true Muslims; Salem Witch Hunts; Inquisition; Saul Alinsky; the Weathermen; Black Panthers;….for beginners.
    It is interesting that those who claim the protection of the Constitution the most are also those who despise the people who are sworn to protect the Constitution the most.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Isn’t this just great, this is the stupidity you get when you have 8 years of the socialist Dem. and part time muslim running the White house, TOTAL IDIOTS running around like crazy rats hunting for a safe place!!

  • dennis w says:

    SAVAGES……………………..SORO’S SCUM…………………..

  • David Stewart says:

    Strange the CBS 2 report manages to label this a” Trump protester” incident; thereby leading the casual reader to assume it’s Trump’s fault! Damn MSM!

  • RuFus92 says:

    These people are the scum of the earth and Liberalism is responsible for their actions beyond a doubt. Thank GOD Trump got elected and we are not faced with Hitllary.

  • Bob says:

    Here’s hoping that she is convicted of the crime, gets a criminal record and have it follow her for the rest of her life. Adults that resort to assaulting anyone, vandalism, rioting and alike just because they did not get their way should be sentenced to 2 years back in remedial Kindergarten to learn how to get along with others. Funny how those on the left who demand tolerance of any idea they come up with can be so violently intolerant of any other belief. I used to listen to a radio program where the host, a self proclaimed liberal, used to always say “I can tolerate anything nut intolerance”. I wonder how he feels about these criminals who are resorting to violence to get their point across.

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    2. Kol says:

      So can we assume you’d say the same if the hate crime-ers are some of your right wing extremists / Trump supporters. There have been quite a few of them lately!


      Male Trump supporter sucker-punches woman after political argument — and then flees

      Trump-loving coffee shop owner insists he is not racist after threatening to hang black ‘monkeys’

      Chomsky: Trump’s win puts government in the hands of the ‘most dangerous organization in world history’

      Black figures hung from trees outside SC campus building named after ‘violent racist’

      ‘Expect the worst’: Turkish dissident explains how Erdogan’s rule may be a blueprint for Trump

      LA police chief won’t help with Trump plan to deport immigrants: ‘It’s not our job, nor will I make it our job’

      ‘Not for n****rs’: Flier warns black students not to donate blood at high school blood drive

      Connecticut officials: Donald Trump supporters partied in KKK garb to celebrate election

      Trump in for a wake-up call when he takes office, Obama says

      1. Bob says:

        Black youths confront a white man whose car they side swiped. They proceeded to beat him, kick him all while yelling “you shouldn’t have voted for Trump”

        Racist banners hung outside Trump meeting, all blamed ln Trump supporters by the likes of you and this idiotic website you are quoting, yet nothing has been alleged by the Police.

        Trump properties vandalized by those who, after demanding that Trump accept the vote when they thought Hillary was going to win, refuse to do so now.

        And they all sound like disciples of your.

    3. Kol says:

      Sounds like you’re a bit of a racist.

      1. Bob says:

        Ah, racism. The last argument of the truly ignorant when they realize they have lost the argument on the merits. Does the artile ever identify the race of the woman? Does it ever mention the race of the Cop? Sound to me you are making an assumption that the woman was a minority, making who the racist?

        1. Kol says:

          Laughing men assault Ohio student after telling her ‘President Trump says this is OK’: report

          BRAD REED

          15 NOV 2016 AT 15:30 ET


          Brittany Daughenbaugh, who claims she was assaulted by two Trump supporters, shows off bruises on her face (Facebook photo).


          A student at Capital University claims that she was attacked by two Trump supporters last week — and she says they used their candidate’s fondness for grabbing women without permission as justification.

          The Columbus Dispatch reports that student Brittany Daughenbaugh has told police that she was out for a walk and playing Pokemon Go on Thursday evening when she was accosted by two men who grabbed her by the arm.

          “While these men were making the decision to violate my being, they were laughing and shouting,” Daughenbaugh wrote in a Facebook post.

          “Don’t you worry, honey,” one attacker allegedly told her. “President Trump says this is OK.”

          They then proceeded to punch her in the face and knock her to the ground, where she blacked out after her head hit the pavement.

          Police in Bexley are investigating the alleged incident and are looking for two white men in their late teens or early 20s. Daughenbaugh told authorities that one of the men was dressed in a Trump-Pence sweatshirt, while the other wore a “Make America Great Again” hat.

          “I don’t know what is better, that this is something they would have done anyway, or they were empowered to do it by his election,” she told the Dispatch.

          Daughenbaugh sought treatment at a nearby hospital, where she was found to have a minor concussion, along with a bruised face and ribs.

          1. Bob says:

            Well that explains a lot. You get your news and facts from Facebook and Raw. Try Mad magazine next, it’s more credible.

          2. Kol says:

            свиньи сопли

          3. Bob says:

            An appropriate quote from President Obama for this occasion comes to mind: “You lost, get over it”.

          4. Kol says:

            No Fortune 100 CEOs Back Republican Donald Trump – WSJ


            Sep 23, 2016 – No Fortune 100 CEOs Back Republican Donald Trump … “We’re fortunate a growing number of business leaders recognize Hillary Clinton is … reports for donations to campaigns, super PACs and other political committees.

            What World Leaders Say About Donald Trump, GOP Frontrunner


            Feb 24, 2016 – Despite his popularity with a large segment of Republican voters, Trump still faces plenty of opposition. Most notably from many world leaders, …

            No CEOs at Fortune 100 Companies Are Backing Donald Trump


            Sep 24, 2016 – No chief executives at Fortune 100 companies have donated to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign through August, according to a new report. … But since Trump became the GOP’s nominee, a whopping 89 out of the 100 top CEOs have not supported either presidential candidate.

          5. Kol says:

            And if I wanted to hear from an asshole, I’d fart.
            Make some more noise… it’s your turn again, durak.

          6. Bob says:

            When you did fart, the over pressure would probably blow out your ear drums. However, from the tone of your idiotic comments, I do believe you are suffering from terminal cranial-anal insertion and incapable of expelling gas.

          7. Kol says:

            I bet your mother was a female dog.

          8. Kol says:

            Sounds like you were trying to kiss my ass at the time. LOL!Q

          9. Kol says:

            In your case it looks like it blows straight out of your mouth and then down through your keyboard every time you post something here.
            Now say “Oink” again.

          10. Kol says:

            Why not the Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny and Goofy comics that you use… LOLOL! Especially GOOFY!!!!

        2. Kol says:

          Laughing men assault Ohio student after telling her ‘President Trump says this is OK’: report


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