‘The Consequences Will Be So Extreme’ — Texas Governor Announces War On Sanctuary Cities

November 30, 2016

Greg Abbot is using Monday’s horrific attack at Ohio State University to call for an end to sanctuary cities in both Texas and the rest of the United States.

The Texas governor told the “Fox & Friends” crew Tuesday that in the upcoming legislative sessions “we will pass a law, banning sanctuary cities in the state of Texas.”

Abbot has already used his “powers as governor of Texas to withhold funds from cities or counties that declare themselves to be sanctuary cities,” but his new declaration will make “the consequences will be so extreme for these cities and counties that they will have to follow the law.”

“All we’re asking them to do is to follow and apply the federal law of the United States of America,” he added.

Earlier in the interview, Abbot pointed out that OSU attacker Abdul Artan — a Somali refugee — first gained legal entry to the United States after living in Pakistan for seven years. (RELATED: Here’s Everything We Know About OSU Attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan)

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  • Tiger says:

    Sanctuary Cities oh joy and comfort to all who are murderers, thieves, drug dealers scum of the bottom dwellers. Only in a Cartoon world of Looney Tunes could this be imagined sanctuary to all the above and the only people who follow the laws are citizens.

    My, my, my, my how the worms have turned, turned us into a friggin Mad Hatters Alice in Wonderland Horror show.

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Common sense lies

    To the moon Alice to the moon.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Reactions to Ohio knife attack:
    Sensible governor suggests getting rid of criminal havens.
    Stupid liberals suggest making sure the only guns around are illegal ones through more gun restriction laws.

  • justinwachin says:

    If OSU attacker Artan entered the country legally he would not have needed the safe haven offered by a sanctuary city. Once the border is sealed the government needs to shut down the “sanctuary” cities. Americans deserve to live in a land where the government abides by the law.

    A good start toward shutting down sanctuary cities would be for Congress to pass a law holding the local government and its officials criminally and civilly liable for the damage done by illegals they are harboring.

  • Jose says:

    Just to keep it legal, put it to a vote (by LEGAL CITIZENS ONLY) and I bet it will pass with at least 80% to 90% in favor of what governor Abbott wants done.

  • itsfun says:

    If cities want to reject federal law, why should they get any federal funds?

    1. kbfallon says:

      The only federal funds they should get are……….three hots and a cot for any/all who refuse to follow the law!

      1. itsfun says:

        They can eat cold cereal and a baloney sandwich like the rest of us.

  • Gary S says:

    There are too many illegal aliens in the country. We need Comprehensive Immigration laws. (That means Amnesty for all here now.) (Oh, and their families)
    There are too many speeders on our expressways. We need Comprehensive Speeding laws. (That means raise the limit to 80. That is only until they still speed faster than 80. Then raise it to 90.)
    Why don’t we just enforce the laws already written?
    You are here illegally? Deport you.
    You speed? You get a ticket.

    1. Kx Brien says:

      NO NO NO. What we need is for all law enforcement to use the laws currently on the books, AND all employers to strictly use the Federal eVerify app to make sure that all their employees and potential employees are legal. They will go home all on their own, thank you.

      1. Gary S says:

        Didn’t read my whole post, did you?
        “Why don’t we just enforce the laws already written?
        You are here illegally? Deport you.
        You speed? You get a ticket.”
        Maybe I should have used a sarcasm font for the first part.

        1. Kx Brien says:

          Sorry, Gary, your first paragraph made my head explode. My bad…

  • di from Oregon says:

    Good news, now for the follow thru!

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