Consumer Reports: ‘Don’t even bother trying’ Obamacare website yet

October 21, 2013

A magazine that tests and rates products and reports the results monthly had harsh words of advice for those trying to enroll in Obamacare via the official website, Don’t even think about it yet.

Consumer Reports started on the website’s launch day to test its ease of use. Its report then: “If you’re planning to use the marketplace to get health insurance for 2014, don’t worry if you can’t sign up today or even within the next couple of weeks,” The Daily Mail reported. And the next day, during another test, the magazine writers were still counseling patience, writing that “the best strategy is simply to wait a week or two for the initial traffic to die down. We tried it several times today and never succeeded in getting through.”

But a week later, and Consumer Reports was starting to lose patience.

On Oct. 8, the writers said: “One week in, is barely operational.” And on Oct. 10, the writers adopted a decidedly more critical tone: “ is slightly less terrible today. The bad news, is that it’s still next to impossible to create a user name and password that you can actually use to sign in. I myself have tried five times without success. Our readers report similar frustrations.”

And Consumer Reports’ final advice?

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  • wordwaryor says:

    Those “geniuses” in Liberal governance ….. caused this massive failure. And here is the explanation in plain terms.

    1. The website is “designed” ONLY to allow the user to SIGN UP for Obamacare (NOT to shop for health insurance and then select one and sign up). In other words YOU as a user, must first ENTER ALL your personal and private data …. BEFORE you can even SEE or glance at even ONE health plan under Obamacare, and its associated (skyrocketed) premiums and deductibles.

    2. What this means and IS CAUSING …… is the crashing of the website. As even a modest number of people go to the site to “SIGN UP” and enter all that massive data ….. it takes hours to do so. And the site bogs down and crashes !!

    3. BUT there IS a reason that the Obamacare website is designed this way (by those geniuses in Obama’s regime)………. THEY KNEW …. that people would SEE and BE FRIGHTENED away by the much higher premiums and deductibles they would find there …….. And without entering ALL their information including personal and income, the site would not be able to calculate a “reduced” premium rate for those who qualify for the government subsidies !!! AMAZING !! (PS .. they have even said this is the reason… but not in public)

    4. And now ….. those intrepid FEW who have persisted and made it to the website, or called the hotline and spoke at length with a “Navigator” ….. have found out ….. that their PREMIUMS are going UP …… and so are their deductibles …….. In Short …. Their total COSTS for healthcare are (a favorite Obama word) …. “skyrocketing” upward.

    How priceless is this ?

    Liberal Progressive Socialists ….. have this huge bag of money to give out as Premium subsidies (to those few who qualify) …… But in order to properly award this money ….. THEY have to know who is eligible first.

    And to know who is eligible first ….. the people who apply MUST enter all this massive amount of information and in effect SIGN UP ……. BEFORE they can even see the plan or plans and Premiums and Costs associated with them.


    PRICELESS …. SIMPLY PRICELESS. (Echoes of Nancy Pelosi)

    AND ….. all this NEED to know by the Liberal Progressive Socialists in Obamaland ……. has created such a log jam on the poorly designed website …. . THAT IT DOES NOT WORK .

    Priceless …… Simply Priceless. Hoisted on their own pitard. Caught in their own mousetrap.

    How lovely.

    1. Mark says:

      In short, premiums are going up because the government is forcing insurance companies to pay more and higher benefits for things the companies previously did not pay for. And because premiums are going up, a lot of people will need help from the government (government subsidies) to even afford their insurance payments.
      The problem is, most people don’t need those higher benefits that the government is forcing the insurance companies to pay.

      Another problem with government involvement in something like this is that the political party in power forces its policies on people who don’t want those policies. For example, as a Catholic Christian, I don’t want the government forcing Catholic institutions to get health insurance that pays for contraception and abortion-inducing drugs. Those policies run completely contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
      God bless,

  • frankenbiker says:

    Don’t bother is right, its not worth the cost, and its gonna make more people uninsured in the long run. I don’t care what Feinstein, Reid and Piloshit say’s, its an abomination with the biggest losers name attached to it. Notice how they’re calling it the “Affordable, Health Act”? Instead of Obamacare. Hell he’s even trying to get people to get his name off this trainwreck.

  • Mark says:

    Too much government.

    1. awegweiser says:

      Until you need something from it, of course.

      1. Mark says:

        I’d rather help someone myself than have the government do it.

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