Drudge, Downed by Cyberattack, Suspects Government Involvement

December 31, 2016

Matt DrudgeReaders were unable to access the pioneering powerhouse news website Drudge Report for an hour and a half on Thursday, due to what site founder Matt Drudge says was a denial-of-service attack.

On Twitter Thursday night in the midst of the attack and shutdown, Drudge questioned whether the U.S. government might be behind the attack, which he said was the largest in the website’s history. Later, Drudge said the attack came from “thousands” of sources.

Ace investigation reporter Sharyl Attkisson responded to one of Drudge’s tweets, bringing up the fact that Drudge has been targeted by the left as a “fake news” site as part of a wider effort to censor and discredit right-of-center news organizations in the wake of the election of Donald Trump.

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  • danstewart says:

    In my opinion, the chance of government involvement is 99.99% that the government was involved.

  • Tiger says:

    I have seen many an article disappear from the net, I have been censored and my posts removed from more sites than a dog has fleas, I am believing O is capable of anything and everything and will continue to doe the WH O Shuffle til the day he is out of that place. Even then he fully intends to interfere in everything.

    When we beat the Nazi and freed Europe we cleaned our house of Nazi and communists this is the same thing no peace until Soros, O, Hillary, Podesta and all removed from our countries business including those guys on the 7th Floor talked about in the Leaks.

  • Bob says:

    Was it not Drudge that first posted the truth about Billy Boy and his wandering wang? Was it not his reporting of the blue dress mess that caused an Impeachment of a President? Again it was alternate sources doing the jobs that the American Media refuses to do. Could this hack have originated in NYC or an Upstate server? Just a thought.

  • Lorraine E says:

    The c.i.a. should be defunded immediately by the congress because they do not work for our country and are completely controlled by the shadow masters in the evil one world government. Currently they are silencing sources of the truth in order to allow the liars in the corporate media, which are actually the voice of the one world beastly government, to control all of the lies (fake news) being fed to the masses. Their goal is to dumb down and brain wash the average American people who they will prevent from having access to the truth.

    1. dmttbt says:

      Throw in the IRS with that on the CIA because all the major agencies who are dependent on the presidents appointments and funding are at his disposal to crush the tax payers. We the people are the most ignorant of all to be accepting the actions of our government.

  • CCblogging says:

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton used Obama’s CIA to interfere with Israel’s election. However the dims failed to elect Bibi’s opposition, which was their goal. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton used Obama’s CIA to interfere with Egypt’s election. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s CIA promoted and backed the Muslim terror group, The Muslim Brotherhood. For that treachery, Egypt has issued arrest warrants for both Obama and Hillary. Also, Obama’s and Hillary’s Globalist puppet master George Soros has an arrest warrant waiting for him if he ever steps foot in Russia. Those are facts.





    1. Mike says:

      there have been no arrest warrants issued by egypt.lmao. wow someone writes b.s. on a blog somewhere and everyone goes crazy for it. this was debunked back in 2015

  • mort_f says:

    17 intelligence agencies? Or was it just another pronouncement by Mr. You Can Keep Your Doctor.

    1. Terry T says:

      Does anyone really believe that 17 different agencies independently spent money and resources investigating the same subject, and came to the same conclusion? Or did an eighteenth agency – the White House propaganda department – concoct this scenario and then claim the others concurred?

      Why the hell are there 17 different intelligence agencies anyway?

      1. elmcqueen3 says:

        Why did they not say anything about the fake Obama birth certificate which was posted on the WH web site until Sheriff Joe declared the BC was an overlayed phoney…with which it was immediately removed from the WH web site…narry a word from any of these so called intelligence agencies nor the FBI nor the DOJ about Obama’s posted fake birth certificate…And the American public are to trust them with intel…George Bush trusted em and look where it got us…we now have more terrorist than we can shake a stick at.

        1. Evelyndcraft says:

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      2. dmttbt says:

        They all found that if that is what they were told they found.

      3. metazip says:

        Nah! It was a YouTube video.

    2. elmcqueen3 says:

      17 unintelligent agencies.

    3. dmttbt says:

      People believe that Hillary’s husband is worth over 100,000.00 per speech. He was found to be possibly the biggest liar in the world when he said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.” He was impeached and not found guilty of perjury in the statements he made regarding the Jones case and all the other women who said he attacked them. People are worried about what Trump said and was secretly recorded. I think what Trump said was that when you are a billionaire you can pretty much do what you want with women. I agree, as long as they don’t think others will find out. Women make statements like that or worse about men all the time, they just don’t get recorded. I would like to hear some of the things Hillary has said and I will bet they have been recorded.

      1. mort_f says:

        Impeachment is akin to indictment. And then you have a jury. The jury can convict, or say not guilty, or do jury nullification. Nullification is not a ‘not guilty’ verdict. The rule, in impeachment, requires 67 Senators, as a jury, to say Guilty.

    4. Tiger says:

      Does anyone in this country believe in O’s DOJ or AG? After the Kerfuffle Comey raised, the Billy/Lynch Tarmac Affair? I know I don’t and won’t until Trump cleans the Swamp from the Top Down in the DOJ and other places. They are all in kahoots.

  • Mike says:

    so many people won’t believe we were hacked by Russia despite 17 intelligence agencies saying it was the Russians, but now we should believe a website with a half-a**ed comment that it was the government

    1. mountie says:

      The left keeps saying that 17 intelligence agencies claim it was Russia. Would you please list them.

      1. Mike says:

        air force intelligence, army intelligence, cia, coast guard intelligence, defense intelligence agency, department of energy, homeland security, state department, department of treasury, fbi, marine intelligence, national reconnaissance, national geospatial intelligence agency, nsa, navy intelligence

        1. CCblogging says:

          ha, ha, ha, you’re an idiot

          1. Mike says:

            i know facts hurt the brains of trumpsters. it’s ok I understand

          2. CCblogging says:

            A dim talking about facts. You are amusing.

        2. mountie says:

          Looks like you can’t even count. You do not seem to understand that generally Trump supporters are more intelligent than liberal Hillary supporters. The left keeps making claims but can not back them up with data. You just parroted what the talking heads are saying but only come up with 15 orgs. If you were honest and intelligent you would ask what are the other two.

          1. Mike says:

            you are so funny. first I named 16. good job counting by the way. as for this “news” you have its one unnamed source. let’s assume the post did some terrible reporting how come only one individual who is not named came forward. oh yeah it’s fake news

          2. mort_f says:

            If there any ‘rules’ in this game, it is that intelligence operatives never talk to the media. Nor do any law enforcement personnel. The only person that is permitted is the head official, or his designated spokesperson. Do note that the ‘head’ is an appointed official. Operative personnel are taught to neither affirm nor deny anything that is in the public domain.

          3. Mike says:

            agreed which is why when the president and senators from both parties agree they would have seen the reports but yet people want to say no just because trump says so

          4. mountie says:

            Here are the agencies you listed
            1. air force intelligence
            2. army intelligence
            3. cia
            4. coast guard intelligence
            5. defense intelligence agency
            6. department of energy
            7. homeland security
            8. state department
            9. department of treasury
            10. fbi
            11. marine intelligence
            12. national reconnaissance
            13. national geospatial intelligence agency
            14. nsa
            15. navy intelligence
            You still can’t count.
            By the way mort_f is correct as to who makes the statements. It turns out the only source for this story was Clapper and he is a political hack. By the way Clapper has refused to provide the reports to the Congressional and Senatorial oversight committees. Now why do you think that is?

          5. Mike says:

            you are both right. i named 15. i apologize and must eat some crow. despite that republican senators and congressmen agree with these intelligence agencies
            why doesn’t donald? oh yeah he is to busy for intelligence briefings. we have had dumb presidents before but with the dumpster fire we I hope are hitting rock bottom. he is actually not stupid just arrogant

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