GOP insiders back Rubio in 2016

February 2, 2014

Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) political stock is rated a buy by major Republican fundraisers in Washington, who are bullish on Rubio’s future as a 2016 presidential candidate.

A group of Republican fundraising heavyweights and wise men in Washington’s business community are solidly behind Rubio, and see him not only as someone who could win the White House, but someone they can work with.

The fundraisers include Bill Paxon, a former New York lawmaker who is now a senior adviser at Akin Gump; Dirk Van Dongen, the president of the National Wholesalers Association; and Wayne Berman, a big-time donor with a knack for picking winning candidates in presidential primaries.

All three are a party of the business wing of the Republican Party that has clashed with the Tea Party. Their support for Rubio suggests they seem him as a possible ally going forward.

Political strategists think Rubio’s chances of winning the GOP nomination in 2016 are looking better because of the bridge scandal embroiling New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) decision to forego a White House bid to aim for the gavel of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

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  • JuneUSA says:

    Maybe the insiders favor Rubio but he will have to work hard to prove to me he isn’t just another back stabber to us. Will he listen to what we want or will he go along with the insiders to get what they want? How many favors will he have to repay before he puts America first? Will he rule by the Constitution? Will he spend our money for useless programs for special interests? What is he going to do for America?

  • Nice guy Rubio, but NOT seasoned enough….a lightweight….

    1. 1Gandydancer says:

      Turncoat, affirmative action “magic Latino”.

      You’d think the Colin Powell “magic negro” lesson would sink in, a little.

      1. David in MA says:

        and not constitutionally eligible……

  • aurora9 says:

    If the GOP supports Rubio for the presidency, it will be their kiss of death and the demos will regain the House.

  • Antsey says:

    Rubio will not get the true conservative vote ! Remember the “Gang of Eight” amnesty push. A leopard can not change it’s spots.

    1. junkmailbin says:

      wtf is a true conservative. sounds like a group that if they do not get their way just sits on the couch and snivels without voting

      1. beowulf32 says:

        Leftwing troll alert.

      2. hpinnc says:

        That may be why we lost in 2012. I have been to tea party events in Washington, & supported them financially, but staying home & not voting because our candidate didn’t get the nomination is just un-American in my humble opinion.

        1. 1Gandydancer says:

          More or less unAmerican than the “Republican fundraising heavyweights and wise men” who foisted Romney on the party and now want to do the same for Tea Party turncoat Rubio? The people responsible for the 2012 loss are the people responsible for picking the loser, not the people who were right that he was unelectible.

    2. hpinnc says:

      Antsey, you may have to bend a little there, I doubt a conservative of the “tea party” type will ever win the nomination, let alone being able to win an election from Hillary. I would love to see Ted Cruz for POTUS & right now I can’t think of a VP, perhaps Rush Limbaugh. I don’t think there is a snowball chance we would ever see that. To me, I will vote for anyone whom I think stands a chance of getting this bunch of socialist/marxist out of Washington!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frankenbiker says:

    How many times does it have to be pointed out Cruz, and Rubio are NOT ELEGIBLE to run in 2016. they may make good senators, but can not be president. If the GOP try’s to run them, I’ll vote against them, and probably hand the oval office to that bitch traitor, Hitlery. I would just hate to do that, but I refuse to vote the lesser of two evils again. its gotten us no where but in a world of sh!t. In this way, I take responsibility for the mess we’re currently in. Those of us in the GOP have been voting the lesser of two evils so long, that plain evil has been allowed to take control of our government. So in this way, I’m sorry I ever did it, and that its taken so long to finally recognize the error of my ways.

    1. Ddenney1 says:

      Refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils? So you WILL vote for EVI:L incarnate? Makes a lot of sense to ME???

      1. frankenbiker says:

        I no longer can vote for whoever the GOP tells me I must, I just won’t do tuat anymore. There are far better conservative candidates in the field to do that. I’m still registered GOP, and I’ll vote that way IF they give the nomination to a TRUE conservative, not another RINO.

        1. David in MA says:

          Ron Paul and Sarah Palin?????

          1. frankenbiker says:

            I could get behind that ticket, but one I like better is Col. West and palin. That way we’d eliminate the racist arguments, and eliminate the demoncraps so called war on women argument. Speaking of war on women, if mr obammy really wants equal pay for women, maybe he should start in his own house as women working for obama make .87 cents for every dollar he pays men for the same jobs. What a hypocrite.

    2. beowulf32 says:

      If you are referring to the one posted on the White House website, it is a forgery. There are two ways I know this to be a fact.

      1) Father’s Race is listed as African. There is no such race as “African”; that would be as absurd as saying someone’s race was “American”! In 1961, there is only one way a black person’s race would have been listed: Negro. This was obviously not written by someone in 1961, rather by a 21st century politically correct person who would only characterize a black man as “African-American”. But, since Obama’s father was not American, they simply put down “African”.

      2) My co-worker, who is an Adobe expert, downloaded the birth certificate from the White House website and showed me how it was composed of layers, and as he removed each layer, parts of the document would disappear. I was watching him the whole time and he did not manipulate the document in any way!

      1. frankenbiker says:

        And number three, the hospital name didn’t exist until 1975.

  • David in MA says:

    “GOP insiders back Rubio in 2016”
    Under the U.S. Constitution Mr. Rubio is NOT qualified. Is this why the GOP has not removed Obama and his gang? They intend to do the same thing, run an unqualified person for president and then say, “it was ok for the dem’s to do it, why can’t we”?
    America is about to feel the full effect of Obama’s destruction, get ready for chaos and for patriots to rise up….ever look good at the word patriots…PAT RIOTS! (POST AMERICAN TRANSITION ~~ RIOTS)

    1. junkmailbin says:

      CORRECT same for Cruz

      1. Ddenney1 says:

        I love Ted and have question about his birth certificate too but his problem seems to be dual citizenship so this can be fixed by renouncing the Canadian one. I question why it is taking so long to do so.

        1. frankenbiker says:

          He did that two months ago.

      2. 1Gandydancer says:

        Cruz’s claim to be a natural born citizen of the US despite his Canadian birthplace (and merely because his mother is American) seems dubious to me, but Rubio was born in Miami.

        1. David in MA says:

          Rubio was born in Miami but at the time of his birth his parents were Cuban refugees and did not become naturalized American citizens until Marco was around four years old, and his parents were not NATURAL BORN citizens, either way he is not qualified under the constitution.

    2. beowulf32 says:

      You are right, and I wont vote for this amnesty turn coat , the Gop will lose again.

    3. 1Gandydancer says:

      You’re confused (with the Canadian-born Cruz, maybe). Rubio is disqualified for having so quickly stabbed his supporters in the back, but he was born in Miami, Florida.

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