Mattis Delays Plan For ‘Transgender’ Enlistment In Military

July 2, 2017


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has decided to delay until next year a decision on whether to move forward with a policy that allows transgender people to enlist in the military.

Transgender service members have been allowed to serve openly in the military since last year. But former Defense Secretary Ash Carter set a July 1 deadline for the four military services to write their own policies to allow them to accept new transgender troops.

“Secretary Mattis today approved a recommendation by the services to defer accessing transgender applicants into the military until Jan. 1, 2018,” said Dana W. White, a Pentagon spokesperson, in a statement Friday night. “The services will review their accession plans and provide input on the impact to the readiness and lethality of our forces.”

Military leaders had sent a request to Mattis last week asking him to delay implementation of the new policy for six months.

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  • Lindy says:

    Transgenders in the military is a very ridiculous
    idea. You want someone watching your back who knows who they are not someone who is confused about who they were when they were
    born and who they think they “feel” like they should be. Transgenderism is a psychological

  • roboteq says:

    Gender and sexual leanings should have no bearing on military service. A soldier is a soldier, not a man soldier or woman soldier or man who thinks he’s a woman soldier; they are soldiers (and of course sailors, Marines and Airmen).
    Our military personnel need to focus on being military personnel while serving. there is no room for personal agendas for our military. In battle, it does not matter what race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation the person standing with you is, as long as they are they have your back and you have theirs.

    1. Roy Clingenpeel says:

      Apparently you have no military nor battle experience. Mental or physically unstable state are of primary importance for those that have your back. They Don’t need mental strife holding a weapon at their backs.

      1. roboteq says:

        Roy, I was trying to state exactly what you have expressed. Our military needs to be focused on the job at hand, not personal leanings. Sorry I did not express that properly.

  • McFerguson says:

    This is great news. The military is about killing the enemy and breaking the things he uses to kill us. We don’t need social experimentation in the military. We need highly trained people skilled in warfare and winning. We don’t need some hysterical teenager confused and worried about whether he was born with the right body part. Gen Mattis is right. This program needs to be killed. Now.

    1. Roy Clingenpeel says:

      Medical and mental will quickly manifest themselves into discharges and 100 % service connected disabilities. The system is already overloaded with poor inlisment physical and psychological evaluations. Now they want to specifically enlist those with known problems. Give our troops a break and send them into battle with physically sound and mentally stable back up.

      1. McFerguson says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Why overburden our military forces with these liabilities? The cost alone for reassignment surgery and followup care is enormous for one person, let alone thousands upon thousands of others – which the defense budget would have to bear. Plus, trying to integrate these types into a well functioning, and cohesive military unit is an extra burden that is completely unnecessary, particularly in time of war when we’re confronted with the threat of a worldwide Islamic caliphate that feeds off mistakes by its enemies. And dumping these people on the military simply to satisfy a liberal compunction for social experimentation would be a huge mistake, and likely compromise our military readiness for the foreseeablee future.

  • Webb says:

    Causing Military Problems…

  • Luis D Rey says:

    Pease, General Mattis,
    Don’t allow any of these SHEMALES, ETC., to be accepted at any of the four branches, if you do, you will be acting like The “Mudslum” Obama kissing LGBTQ dirty backsides, to say the least !!

  • otoman says:

    Obama’s entire intent was to destroy our military from the inside. What better way than to demoralize our men/women in uniform? Send them into battle with a “woman” hanging from between the legs. NOT AT ALL was that meant to sound funny. How else can such facts be presented but bluntly? It was bad enough when a soldier could not shoot the enemy as he was watched planting IED’s.

    1. Shirleycstanton says:

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