August 14, 2013

On Tuesday, the Missouri State National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) issued a statement asking for federal involvement in the case of a rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask and then asked the crowd if they’d like to see Obama run down by a bull. “The activities at the Missouri State Fair targeting and inciting violence against our President are serious and warrant a full review by both the Secret Service and the Justice Department,” said State President Mary Ratliff. “Incidents involving individuals acting out with extreme violent behavior in movie theaters, schools, churches, political appearances, and outdoor events in general speaks volume to the irresponsible behavior of all the parties involved with the incendiary events at the Missouri State Fair.”

Ratliff went on to condemn the state’s funding of the State Fair: “our Legislature has failed to support Medicare Expansion in Missouri, has consistently attempted to dismantle our Human Rights Commission, fail to adequately fund urban schools — (who) are predominately African American — yet they are subsidizing the Missouri State Fair to the tune of $400,000; we are calling for the subsidy to stop…[Governor Nixon’s] planned Pancake Breakfast for Thursday should be his ‘Last Supper’ at the Missouri State Fair in response to the racially intolerant attacks on his Commander in Chief.”

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  • fed up says:

    I think we have freedom of speech and expression in America unless Obama has stopped that too. So many comedians get passes for racists remarks because they are comedians, clowns are rodeo comedians so what is the problem. Comedians have made jokes about the presidents for 100 years all the sudden they can not do that??? Why???? I am sick of Political correct. NO!!!! This is nothing but NAACP making a Mountain out of a mole hill. If it was Nixon or Ragen this clown was making fun of we would not even be hearing about it. Double standards need to stop.

  • Betty says:

    why can’t I read the comments?

  • Betty says:

    for crying out loud people get a life. all of the presidents have had fun made of them and obama is no better than the rest so stop being childish and grow up.

  • norma brown says:

    Ya see, this is the way it is folks: when people respect their president they behave respectfully. when they do not respect him, they let him know how they feel. Running over Obama with a bull sounds like great fun to me.

  • Daid Hicks says:

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard of in a long time. Most of presidents, especially of our time, has had their masks used on different and all occasions. If you can’t take a little joking and prodding then you have a personal problem.

  • Where were these hypercritical dolts when the same and worse was being conducted concerning George W. Bush. I cannot recall anyone from the left protesting then.

  • hpinnc says:

    Gov.Nixon erred by “offending” the prestigious NAACP.The reverends AS,JJ,& Barber can go around spouting their dis-pleasure with topics,but anyone who makes a statement that doesn’t suit them should be silent.They apparently think white people don’t have the right to free speech in America.Perhaps someone should tell them.

  • hpinnc says:

    Gov.Nixon erred when he “DARED” to offend the prestigious NAACP.It is OK for these black Revverrrends to go around all over the country spouting their discontent with a court decision or someone who dares to have an opposing view of their own.Maybe someone should tell these jerks we white people have just as much right to freedom of speech as they do.Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mervyn E Cloe says:

    This is so much about nothing; that mask on a rodeo dummie could evoke all this nonsense is beyond belief! Maybe the announcer did get out of line with his remarks, but that is nothing that warrants all of this government nonsense.

    Missouri, you are in self made trouble!

  • James Maxwell says:

    Tell the NAACP and the rest of the whiney left wing liberals fools, Touch Poop, public
    figures regardless of race, color, ethnic origin religious belief are subject to ridicule.
    I did not hear any outcry from the left when they made fun of Carter, Bush, Clinton, Regan or any other president. What makes
    them think that omarxist is “special”? He
    is a buffoon that deserves to be made fun of
    by his very actions. The NAACP is just
    doing what they always do trying to be
    as racist as they possible can to get money
    and maybe the impression that they actual
    matter in todays environment. Americans
    still have the right to critize and make fun
    of public officials regardless of who they are.

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