New Mexico Business: If You Support Trump, Get Out

November 23, 2016


A business owner in Albuquerque has announced that, due to his opposition to “fascism,” he will henceforth refuse to do business with Republicans and President-elect Donald Trump supporters.

According to KOB 4 News, Matthew Blanchfield runs the online marketing company 1st in SEO, and he’s so upset about the presidential election he’s willing to shed customers to show his disgust.

“America has elected Donald Trump, a racist, sexist, fascist, to be our next president,” Blanchfield says in a blog post two days after the election. “If you are a Republican, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump, in any manner, you are not welcome at 1st in SEO and we ask you to leave our firm … 1st in SEO will do everything in our power to ensure that we break ties with any person or business that supports fascism.”

While it’s illegal for most businesses in the U.S. to discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, or race, there are no federal laws barring discrimination based on political ideology. A handful of states prohibit such discrimination. New Mexico isn’t one of them.

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51 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Pat Cross says:

    we’ll wave at the bastard when he stands in the unemployment line

  • reggie says:

    Well, how amazing. That racist, sexist Trump is so horrible. He’s the first man to put a woman as head of a construction crew. How sexist. One of his very top executives is a Black female. There you go, racist AND sexist. Then he even had the nerve to fight for Blacks and Jews. Palm Beach didn’t want them in the same clubs. Can you believe it? Racist, let the Blacks in, let the Jews in. Guess he wasn’t getting enough money from the rich old white people. Yeah right. Vs the Lilly man zipper willy. Twenty plus times on Epstein’s plane, (apparently wifie visited as well) a young Black man claims to be his son, If it was a young white man, would he have DNA testing done? Impeached for lying to Congress, used the Oval Office for a whore house. No contest here folks. Who’s the best? (for libs – it’s called sarcasm). Geez, it must be amazing to be so ignorant and arrogant.

  • Smitch says:

    What a Jerk-Off!

  • Owen Grant says:

    Ya, he obviously knows what it is. That’s what he is preaching !

  • Wolfman says:

    What this Mini-Mussolini is doing is actually the personification of “Fascism” ie. forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism. He is also a politicist that appears to be Alladoxaphobic ( fear of different opinions), Anthropophobic, Bogyphobic,Cainophobic,Cenophobic,Counterphobic,Eleutherophobic,Enosiophobic,Epistimophobic,Ideaphobic, etc……I put them all in a Basket of …lets see Democrats !!!!

  • Original Anna says:

    Tell the jerk he lost like we lost for eight years suffering with his Obama and the communists that have infiltrated his democratic party. And fascist Trump is not, he is a capitalist, he builds companies the complete opposite of fascists. Ask the old Italians in Italy who are still alive what a fascist system is. This Blanchfield is saying he Hails Hitler and Hails Mussolini when he uses the fascist word. What a creep, I have a feeling his marketing company will not be needed by capitalists soon.

    1. Anouk says:

      Very well said!

      1. Original Anna says:

        Anouk: Happy Thanksgiving. I am glad someone knows about fascism in Italy. You do not hear about it very much any more, just a part of history to ignore, I guess. The only good thing was that the trains did run on time during the Mussolini fascist era. Nice to meet you Anouk.

        1. Anouk says:

          Thank you for your reply Anna.
          Nice to meet you also. 🙂

  • Rodney Steward says:

    This idiot was just on Fox on Carlson, and he’s crazy, calling Trump a Nazi, and Fascist, racist, sexist, and anything else that comes to mind! I think he really means the one already in the White house!!

    1. Jo Ann Kowalski says:

      Mr. Rodney. U r right see there is one thing I know God does not sleep n God hates ugly. This moron when he loses his business he can blame hitlery n obummer happy thanksgiving sir

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        And I hope you have a great and blessed Thanksgiving also my friend!! 🙂

    2. Anouk says:

      This creep deserved to lose all his business for his petty behavior.
      I hope he does.

  • Born in the South and proud says:

    hey, dumbo we definitely don’t want to do business with your company either. Have fun on your way to bankruptcy.

  • PJ says:

    Another clueless liberal. I heard that a number of psychiatrists were working to label liberalism as a mental disorder. I once considered that far-fetched, but based on what I am seeing now, I believe liberalism is a mental disorder. For starters, just look at and listen to the rhetoric of people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and so many big names in the liberal ranks. They are so far out of touch, they must have been inspired by an alternate universe. Then there is the reaction to any opinion that is not consistent with their opinion. If you say anything a liberal does not want to hear you are IMMEDIATELY branded a racist and a bigot. It does not matter how valid your argument may be, it disagrees with their perception and that is all it takes. So, the current liberal does not want to see any reality other than the one they believe in, no matter how false their reality is. Truth is not important or considered if it does not satisfy their agenda. The liberal now a days reacts violently, does not seek reality or truth, scream, yells and throw temper tantrums when they are not happy.

    Seems to me that makes the point … liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Anouk says:

      Absolutely! Liberals are a bunch of ignorant sickos.

    2. Observant_One says:

      That has been known for years, however most people are just too polite to bring it up. Instead it should be shouted from the roof tops so that moronic types and the snowflakes get the message.

  • exoticdoc2 says:

    What an idiot. Hopefully his stance will sink his business. The fool bought into the media lies and hype and drank the kool-aid of the liberals morons.

  • Rock says:

    Hey, he will cut his own throat… Another business lost to Liberal/Democratic stupidity.

  • Orvis Pigg says:

    This person calls Trump a racist, sexist, and a fascist. These words are commonly used by the liberal left and the individual using them feel superior when they make these charges about someone. OK we all have a pretty good introduction to Trump and the charges made by the liberal media and politicians. How do you prove that Trump is racist, or sexist, or a fascist. When the liberal media makes these charges does that, in fact, make it true. How is Trump a racist? What do you have to do to be a racist, or a sexist, or a fascist? I certainly claim that I am none of these and I don’t think Mr. Trump is any worse that I am. Take the instance where Trump talked about grabbing a woman’s private parts in a private conversation – does that really make him a sexist. I don’t think so. I believe he treats women with respect as well as black people or people of other races. I don’t believe this business owner even knows what a fascist is. In my judgment, any person making charges like this person did should have to prove it in court. If we all had to prove what we call someone, I think we would think about what we say a lot more. I know Senator Byrd was a racist as a member of the KKK and head of the local clan. He changed. Senator Jeff Sessions is not a racist (he prosecuted a KKK member resulting in the death of that person). Anyway, Trump is not racist, sexist, or fascist. This is too long but I am not going back and edit it. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and may the Lord Bless our Country.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Trump is sexist, we have him on tape a number of times saying sexist things. Trump is racist look at the court records from his first job also listen to some of the things he has said. Now go look at what fascist is and Trump fits the picture pretty well.


      an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

      These are not things that are a problem with his supporters and in fact are some of the things that got him elected. Blaming the media for reporting these things is silly since it was Trumps own words they were repeating.

      That being said he is also the President of the United States. It’s a fact like everything else I have said and the sooner people get it though their heads the better. Mr. Blanchfield is well with in his legal rights to refuse business from Trump supporters since Trump hasn’t declared himself a god yet. This is in fact a slick marketing tool. Working in the tech world he is more likely to run into liberals and they now have heard of his company and have a reason to do business whit him. He won’t loose business he will gain it.

      1. Orvis Pigg says:

        Sorry Bob, I respectfully disagree with you. I think Trump is neither sexist, racist, or fascist. In fact how do you determine if he is sexist or racist. You have something on tape years ago. Even if he did say sexist thing in the past what is he now. Those terms are so mis-used and over used that currently everybody is racist and sexist. Have you ever said anything sexist in the past and are you sexist now. The way you tell is his current history and what the people around Trump say (unless they are all liars which I don’t buy) and they say he is not racist or sexist. You are really grasping at straws to contend that he is a fascist. Do you think he advocates to be a dictator? Don’t see any evidence of that. Believe what you will but I believe that people who call other people racist, sexist, or fascist should be extremely careful vet what they say.

        I have no problems with Mr. Blanchfield refusing to do business with Trump supporters. However, I do have problems with him doing that and bakeries being put out of business because they won’t make a homo couple a wedding cake.

        I expect that he is going to end up being one of the great Presidents of the US.

        I am certainly happy for

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Sexist: relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

          Definitions help to understand things. He has made statements that fall clearly into the definition of sexist. If you haven’t heard them check out his interviews with Howard Stern. Even while he was campaigning he would slip up and degrade women. He only likes pretty women who agree with him. His first attack when dealing with women is how they look. Their fat, their ugly.

          Racist:a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to

          Look at his statements about Muslims and Hispanics. If you go back a few years you can add Blacks to the list.

          Fascism: an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

          Once again listen to what he says. He was elected as much for his extreme nationalistic statements as anything. He believes, or at least says he believes in a very right wing view of the world. He has spent all of his life up to this point being a dictator, it’s how he runs his business. He has written books about himself and how he does business and none of them lead you to believe that the path to his success is by working with other or taking others advice. Also look how he deals with the press, it’s his way or the highway. His idea of a good leader is Putin.

          In Arizona you can refuse service to people as long as it’s not based on religion or sexual orientation.

          It’s how the law is written. I not sure he is doing the smart thing because you can sell most Trump supporters anything because they tend to be easy marks.

          As far as Trump being a great president nothing would make me happier. I so want to be wrong about him. So far he isn’t making a great start though. He choices for his cabinet have been less the great, His pick for UN has no diplomatic experience, his pick for the department of education has never gone to public schools, her children have never gone to public school, she has no training in education and has never been a teacher. His chief of staff is about as much a Washington inside as there has ever been and don’t even ask about the others. He is already having problems with conflict of interest and I can’t see it getting any better once he is the president. It doesn’t look good but as I say I really hope I’m wrong about him.

    2. Anouk says:

      Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you also.

  • Peter Smith says:

    If you can sue a bakery for not baking a cake, you can sue this dumb-ss.

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    What an idiot. Just how would he know if you were a Trump supporter or not? Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Harry J Schaubel says:

    Runs an Online Marketing Company? Oh dear. Whatever it was he sold, I guess we’ll just find it elsewhere easily enuf.

  • Tiger says:

    He is setting himself up for a huge law suit.

  • rodstew says:

    Maybe he should call those bakers from Oregon…….Didn’t the federal government say he couldn’t do that? Well, they told Christians that THEY couldn’t reject customers based on the personal beliefs. We’ll see how this plays out. Some wealthy Republican is going to go in there and come out owning the place.

  • Bob says:

    Good thing Liberals believe in tolerance, otherwise this might make them look down right fascist. I hope this business goes belly up and the owner loose his house.

  • Cal Har says:

    Does this moron know what Fascism is??? That is what we had under Oboso and co.with their regulations

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Maybe he needs a history lesson of what happened in Italy during the 20s, 30s, and half of the 40s. That’s where fascism begin I believe. He is like the idiots that think socialism works, he should just read the news about Venezuela, see if he likes that way. It pisses me off when they say it those things and the conservatives are supposed to be bigots and racist. What do you call what he is doing, oh it’s okay because he is a liberal or progressive. I say everyone should boycott his business, offer his employees a job and see how fast he changes his views.

      1. Catherinemstubbs says:

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      2. Daniel C. says:

        Vet..Liberals never change their views…..they try to change yours.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          They don’t try to change anyone’s else’s views, they force ,bully and interrupt, unless you agree with them. I have yet to have an actual conversation with a liberal where the facts can be debates. Try to debate facts or proven truth. Like a debate about Trump and his foundation he is a crook no good bad guy. Say the same about hillary and her slush fund or emails and she hasn’t ever been convicted so it’s OK and a right wing witch hunt. I am so happy this country is waking up, and have noticed there are two sets of rules, One for liberal elites and one for the rest of us deplorable people. Their high and mighty attitude is coming back to bite the in the ass and it makes me want to do the Irish jig. I keep praying and thanking God every day, he is in Control and I hope these high and mighty thinking their royalty and above the law are right with God, because he is tired of the evil, arrogant hubris people in this country.

          1. downdraft says:

            Worried Vet…remember, if you, an educated person, engage in and argument, or a debate with a Liberal, i.e., an Idiot…then you too shall be dragged down to their decadent mentality!
            That’s Biblical in origin.

        2. Worried Vet says:

          As long as we have faith , liberals are wasting their time. They won’t change the minds of God fearing, gun toting, moral, and willing to debate the truth And facts like us, and since we have more common sense in our pinky than most liberals have in their whole freaking body, their being stuck on stupid will only be the death of progressive liberalism in this country. I say thank you Jesus and good bye. If they want cross dressing men in women’s bathrooms then go shove that down the throats of the people of Iran, see how well that goes for them.

    2. Worried Vet says:

      Most the snowflakes have no idea of what real history is. They are to busy whining and looking for a safe space, They are to busy spending their parents money. Since they have been taught everyone gets a trophy they will be so heart broken when they run into real life and life isnt fair so grow freaking up and get a job.

  • Daniel Hebert says:

    May you shrivel up and go away!

  • Randy says:

    Some people keep their mouth shut and you always wonder but other open their mouth and remove all doubt

  • Daniel C. says:

    So much for the tolerant left.

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Isn’t amazing how tolerate the left says they are? Just try to debate any idea different from theirs and your a no good racist,bigot,homophobic, useless idiot. And they wonder why they lost, when they use lies, ignore, spin, cover ups, and bullying, riots, destruction, beating people up and media that is a propaganda machine more powerful than the Nazi’s had why people are tired of them. They wonder why even their own party is distrusting them now. It’s not rocket science people, when liberals do their best to keep dividing the people of this country when it’s not true, what do you expect to happen. When you elitist think you know better than we do how to run our lives, right down on how to spend our own money your idiots. Your not better than us and we don’t need strangers like you acting like our parents. And telling us to do as I say and not as I do. One example is global warming, we’re supposed to go back living like the 18th century when you can live like kings running around in high pollution causing jets, and SUV, body guards and very expensive life styles. Live like we have to for a few months, like trying to make 350.00 dollars in food stamps last a month. Your a bunch of arrogant idiots stuck on stupid. Everyone one of you need to retire and fade away out of site. We’re smarter than you are and most of us don’t have a degree from a high dollar college, we do have Common sense, we understand you can’t keep spending much much more than you take it. It’s simple math you arrogant morons. It’s not your money so stop spending it like its never ending. If you destroy this country because of your greed and millions of us have to suffer more than we are now, who do you think we will blame and come hunt for. Your plan on dividing us to help protect you won’t work, we will unite and there won’t be a safe space on this earth to protect you idiots from facing the mobs of all races looking for answers and justice. Nothing will create a mob faster than watching their kids starve and be homeless. So keep up your elitist ways and see how well that works out for you.

      1. Daniel C. says:

        Great post Vet, like you said, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID

      2. Observant_One says:

        Cowards go down screaming when they lose.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          Maybe your right and i think they also just cant think fast enough to argue a true fact if they can even think of one. I have yet to debate a liberal with common sense. One example is the debt and budget, its not rocket science folks sooner than later were screwed if they dont act fast and try to at least stop raising the debt and try to pay down a few bucks a month. There isnt a bank in this world who would keep loaning money to a business who keeps losing money like we do, and keeps spending more than they take in. Common sense and good accounting tells us, you have to close up shop and bankruptcy is your only choice. These elites have destroyed our kids and grand kids future and why should they care they will all be dead and their families will be okay since their rich. Only us poor working people will suffer. Well i know one thing for sure, if it happens and i am still able even if i have to in a wheel chair i am going to Washington and find some elites.

  • Timothy says:

    Just shut down I don’t care your dumb .

  • Betty says:

    Hope his business is blackballed

  • gerald Hughes says:

    Let us know when he files bankruptcy

    1. Front Sight says:

      Bankruptcy is a “fascist Government” program that allows him to liquidate a failing business. Deny him Bankruptcy Protection, let his business fail, and he can live out of a Cardboard Box. Welcome to Socialism his way.
      Any Government Assistance is, also, fascist. Therefore, deny him all forms of Government Assistance including Unemployment.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        So this could go for all the welfare monkey’s too, at least he hasn’t sold out our country like Opey and Hellary!!

      2. gerald Hughes says:

        Okay, sounds right, to me.

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