Not Funny: Kathy ‘ISIS’ Griffin Plays the Victim

June 3, 2017

4108D98D00000578-0-Tough_day_Kathy_Griffin_broke_down_in_tears_speaking_about_the_c-m-19_1496421283375Kathy Griffin accused President Donald Trump and his family of launching a campaign to destroy her life in response to the image she posted earlier this week in which she appeared to be holding the commander-in-chief’s severed head.

The comedian broke down in tears as she detailed the torrent of abuse she has been receiving online, and the constant death threats which she described as detailed and specific.

She stated however that she will not back down from this fight, saying: ‘I am not afraid of Donald Trump. He is a bully.’

Later in the interview Griffin said that her career was likely over now as a result of this incident, and that President Trump had ‘broke’ her, moments after she declared: ‘There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me!’

Griffin, 56, declared at one point that this would not be happening to her if she was a ‘white man.’

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  • Beverly Murphy says:

    Award to KG and stupid attorney for two of worst performances this year. How really stupid do you both think the American public is to believe that farce?
    Not happening. FBI do your job while rest of us ignore this attention desperate loser. Wise thing to do, ignore her and forget about her from here on in. She was treated with more restraint by the family Trump than deserved. Did you even consider the families of Americans murdered by those barbarians? They and the rest of common sense Americans helped you ruin your “career”. Go get a job washing dishes at a truck stop. Your mother should also kick your ignorant butt. How bout you do a second shoot with mom as the subject? Does anything about this reach you? Disgusting. Period.

  • Bob says:

    The absolute hypocrisy…During the last 8 years, any comment made about the President or his family was immediately met with cries of “racism” Had a “comedian” held up a representation of the severed head of Obama they would have been vilified by these same “comedians”, declaring it unfunny. Now, however, the severed head of the President is humor. Going after the family of the President is now fair game as it was taboo for 8 years prior. And this “woman” declaring that the 11 year old son of the President was “bullying” her? Really, are you that thin skinned? They can demand respect for their attacks yet whine and cry when her absolutely unfunny and totally inappropriate moronic photo, the SHE KNEW WOULD CAUSE TROUBLE, is said to be inappropriate. Madonna can state she wants to shoot the President, and that’s okay. Tim Allen makes fun of President and his highly rated show is cancelled. Go figure.

  • gvette says:

    She’s a bottom feeder.

  • John Wirts says:

    Ms Griffin, Get out of the U.S.A. go to the Middle East ANYWHERE and try to pull pour sh**, and see how long your head stays on your shoulders!!!!!

  • tryscavage says:

    I was told by the cameraman that her attorney kept squirting her in the eyes with pickle juice as she cried for herself on TV.

  • Betty says:

    This would happen to anyone showing an ISIS type attack on a human being .What in the world would make anyone think it was funny.

  • Rick D. says:

    This fugly wench is such a phony!! First, she delivers a fake, emotional apology. But, when that didn’t work in terms of saving her job, she turned her wrath on the one she attacked in such an abhorrent and despicable manner.

    1. Bob says:

      If you will notice she has NOT apologized to the 11 year old she terrorized. She has failed to apologize to the President or his family she so disrespected. Her apology is as hollow as her head. If you watched the “behind the scenes” footage you would see she knew EXACTLY what she was doing and that she fully expected the response she got. She and her apology are both phonies, yet media and “entertainment” industry people will continue to defend her.

  • Dee says:

    Griffen is a ” pathetic ” person . She’s one of these Soo Far Left that her choice of display is that of Isis . The brutality and cruelty of these Democrats shows just how Out of Touch they are with reality !
    It’s Great for us since I’m sure we will continue to gain Many more seats , but seeing their disgraceful behavior getting Worse and Worse is disgusting . Griffen needs to go join the view , she’d fit right in , or better yet , go be a companion to Hitlery , they can both cry and blame everyone together .

  • Beverly Murphy says:

    You got a white (so called man) Jim Carry sticking his snot nose into it. Yeah, let’s pay heed to this cretins moral values. Can’t keep own life relationship(s) together. Each one failed and finally he gives last girl STD’s, left her with his drug stash (with which she took her life) due to him and whatever traumas he bestowed, but did help carry her coffin. You and the other failed human being “comic”. Need to get your own lives in order,b efore judging someone smarter , who makes a real difference . Just shut up and move to a country who agrees with you on beheading those who disagree with you. See how long you last there.

  • Honorable Servant says:

    A person’s character is a sample of all their past decisions. If you choose to do stupid things from time to time this all adds into the character of you. Tears are just a way of showing the heartfelt sorrow for ones bad actions. If you keep making poor character decisions your sorrowful tears will not mean anything. Build your character by not making dumb decisions instead of making tearful apologize.

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      Well said. Thank you. I intend to plagiarize what you wrote there.

    2. Glenda Jordan says:

      As I agree w/ your post re: ones character in this case there was no tears. Therefore no “heartfelt sorrow” from Kathy. I watched this phony interview NOT ONE WET DROP! A lousy comedian and worse actress, as fake as Santa Claus…gutter debris is what I think of her character.

  • dennis w says:

    this HAG is a real DIPSHIT……….
    she BIT OFF MORE THAN SHE COULD CHEW… she wants to play the VICTIM……….

    1. Randijolson says:

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    2. goldie says:

      She holds up a bloody head of President Trump and then says that HE is mean? Rocks in the head.

  • RB says:

    I’m not standing up for Griffin in the least, in fact she deserves everything that’s happening to her for this despicable display.
    But one thing that she is claiming might be true in this instance. The part where she said this would not be happening to her if she was a white man might be at least partially true.
    While she deserves what she’s getting, what about the photographer? He’s every bit as guilty as Griffin and I haven’t heard a thing about him getting his just deserts.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Nothing at all would have happened to her if she had been black! Just think, If this had happened to Obama, towns would be burning, BLM thugs would be out for blood!! Your right, this total idiot did it to herself, but she is about washed up anyway and wasn’t much of a comedian either!

      1. RB says:

        You’re probably right about how if Griffin was black, nothing would have happened to her. The way we deal with things in the US aren’t always fair and don’t always make sense.
        Like the rodeo clown that keep being mentioned. Because this rodeo clown performed his act wearing an Obama mask, he was fired and banned for life from performing at the MO fair. It doesn’t make any difference that he had performed his act before wearing masks of Nixon, W. Bush, and Reagan. But dare to do it in an Obama mask and all hell broke lose.
        As far as Griffin, much like Hillary, she is pulling out every excuse she can imagine to save her career. Even though she did apologize and say that she went too far, she still is saying that she will criticize President Trump even more now, so that tells me that she didn’t really learn anything or really isn’t sorry.
        I realize that this country has freedom of speech, but just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Freedom of speech and artistic license shouldn’t be used as a coward’s excuse to do something so repulsive as what Griffin did.
        This country is really going downward fast with the ways liberals feel that they can express their dissatisfaction with who won the presidential election. They’re taking their anger and expressing it in ways that are harmful to this country. Look at Colbert. He has practically dedicated his entire show to criticizing the president in some of the most vulgar ways you can imagine. Other performers have done the same. It is a cowardly way to express your opinion because they always say it is their right which is guaranteed by freedom of speech.
        I feel that anyone who doesn’t agree with our president has every right to criticize him. Denounce his policies, make fun of him, but remember, even if you didn’t vote for him, he is still the president of this country and every action you take against him reflects on us as a people.
        Griffin keeps saying that she is a comedienne and it’s her job to make people laugh. I still haven’t heard an explanation of how using a photo shoot to duplicate the exact same type of disgusting picture that ISIS shows when they behead some helpless captive, is funny. Where is the humor in showing a bloody, decapitated head of anyone, much less the President?
        And I’m still waiting for the shoe to fall on the photographer. Why is he getting a free pass when he’s just as guilty as Griffin?

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Very well said my friend, very well said!!

      2. ArcticGrayling says:

        Just exactly how would this be different from somebody Photoshopping Obama showing him picking cotton, eating watermelon, peeling a banana, and/or munching on KFC?

        What a low life Hollywood whore!!!

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          LOL, just add Sharpton and Jaskson, and it would be beautiful, and that would be a washed up Hollywood HOE!! LOLOL………

        2. Buckeye conservative says:

          Obama picking cotton etc. is hardly the same or even similar to a bloody head. The BO references denigrate him. The Trump decapitation image suggests murder in a most horrific fashion.

    2. Patriot says:

      “It wouldn’t be happening to her if she was a white man”. Well she can fix that by being transgender.

    3. tryscavage says:

      The photographer was Bill Clinton.

  • Jerry Kopydlowski says:

    So the fight didn’t start until those mean people who disagree hit me back?

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Hit their POCKETS, $$$$$ !!!!!

  • Webb says:

    One should remember when you take a Bull by the Horns…
    The Results will always be a Disaster…
    Kathy got her Just Deserts…

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