Obama to demand GOP fund new amnesties

February 2, 2015

President Obama will escalate the looming Homeland Security shutdown showdown Monday by traveling to the department’s headquarters for a special budget speech, saying more than 100,000 federal employees could be left on the job but without pay if Congress doesn’t pass a funding bill by the end of this month.

Almost all Homeland Security employees are deemed essential, which means the Border Patrol, interior immigration enforcement agents and airport screeners would remain on the job even in the event that funding isn’t approved. But they would have to work without pay until a bill is passed — a situation Mr. Obama will say is unacceptable, a White House official said in a preview email.

“We need to put politics aside and pass a budget that funds our national security priorities at home and abroad and gives middle-class families the security they need to get ahead in the new economy,” the official said.

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  • Dan says:

    It will be passed and the country will be one giant leap toward distruction as planned by the ELITE.

  • metheoldsarge says:

    There is plenty of blame to go around and it involves both parties. They will put a band aid on this and, as usual, the ones taking it in the shorts will be John Q. Public. That would be the common working stiffs, lower government employees, seniors, veterans, military and the rest of the peons. There are other ways to find the money. Will anything be done about the First Lady’s frequent national and international joyrides with her mama, daughters, Secret Service detail, her staff and possibly a few friends, and all at the expense of John Q, Taxpayer? Will the politicians, who got us in this mess in the first place, slow down government spending? Will the politicians in Congress and State Legislatures cancel any of their phony fact finding junkets or perks? Will the President’s czars and higher government officials make any sacrifices? Will the President cancel any of his vacations and golf outings? Will the countries that hate us stop getting their billions in foreign aid? Will the freeloaders, who refuse to work, take any cuts in their food stamps and welfare checks or be forced to earn them through community service? Will all the illegal aliens lose all their freebies and get deported? How about doing away with that “Use it or lose it” funding? I would bet the answer to those questions will be a very definite NO! Perhaps the President and Congress should do first by example and cancel all their perks, junkets, golf outings and vacations and also make some sacrifices in their pay and benefits. While they’re at it, they could stop sending those billions to the countries that hate us and make those freeloaders work for their welfare checks and food stamps. I guess that would be asking too much from typical do-as-we-say-and-not-as-we-do type of leaders. Can you say HYPOCRICY? Just my two cents.

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