Senate Republicans Wave White Flag On Amnesty…

February 24, 2015

With the Homeland Security Department set to shut down on Saturday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday offered Senate Democrats everything they wanted. And then, as with mice and cookies, they asked for some more.

McConnell told reporters Tuesday that after two months of begging, he would finally agree to give Democrats a clean vote to fund DHS through the end of the fiscal year. The funding, based on an agreement between Democratic and Republican appropriators last year, would come with no strings attached.

“I’ve indicated to the Democratic leader that I’d be happy to have his cooperation to advance the consideration of a clean DHS bill which would carry us through till September 30th,” McConnell said to press Tuesday.

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  • I Seigel says:

    You all were dancing for joy back in November, after the elections. Oh, things were going to be SO different now! All the country’s problems were going to get fixed, and to hell with the Dems.

    Well, SURPRISE!! Bwaaa Haaaa Haaa! Same crap, different day. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Now what? Abandon your precious RINOs and do what? 3rd party?? It’s about time!!

    1. james smith says:

      We’ve needed a RINO 3rd Party for a good while.

  • donholmes1 says:

    HARRY REED STILL IN CHARGE. Lock and Load. Be ready to defend America. The red and blue coats are a commin

  • Old lady in Texas says:

    Congress may as well go home now. They are too cowardly to do anything anyway. Not only did McCoward give them all they wanted, he set up Reid to be the leader again. Might as well, we sure don’t have any leaders. Where do we go from here?

  • Gloria Bouillion says:

    After 6 years of this lawless government and we vote in the Republicans, thinking they will get America back on track and help its people. Not going to happen folks. Looking how my Senators voted, making note. I think America should and needs to think of getting a new party. These two parties are really one, no matter what they say, they are spineless bastards who will side with Obama and clan. I am really tired of this double talking creeps who don’t know what honor and respect of their words to the American people, then just flush everything down the toilet. Going to vote so fast against these scums! If we do have any elections after the dictator might remain always in office. God help us because we can’t depend on anyone in government to do right by us. God Bless the true patriots of America.

    1. reggie says:

      Well said.

  • imcreso says:

    McConnell is a Pansy A**!!!!!!!! If you have ever seen the expression of his face, what a douche bag!!

  • Bud Chapman says:

    In my opinion McConnell has never been trustworthy as far as the voters are concerned and now he’s ready to turncoat against the Republican Party, the voters should have kicked his ass out of office back in November. Also, up until that time he showed he was one of Obama’s boys in the Republican Party. This amnesty thing was and is illegal as hell, the voters don’t like it.

  • Ralph Long says:

    Oh well after all what else did any of you good people expect from that yellow belly two face coward Chinless Wonder Goofy Old Party aka GOP Senate Majority Leader Sour Owl Face Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House
    Weeper John Bonehead and/or the Canadian Exile Hiding Out In Texas Loud Mouth Phony Baloney Evil Teddy Bear Ted Cruz to grow a spine or walk on water or what? As,under Chinless Mitch.Speaker Bonehead and Loud Mouth Ted Cruz the self appointed Little Tin God?????

  • Robert Cox says:

    Why don’t the republicans use Nuclear option like the democrats did and then they would only need a majority to get issues passed that we elected them to do. Reid used it, why can’ t the republicans do it right back at them? Tit for tat !

    1. donholmes1 says:

      They can but this is the icing on a premeditated 50 year conspiracy.

  • ItsJo says:

    The “Rino Establishment AGAIN, kisses Obama’s Ring, as they bend over backwards, trembling like little girls.” These Wimps who are just “Rino/Dem-lites” should just cross over the aisle formally, as they are a Waste of the GOP.
    Someone needs to REmind these fools, who talked tough(sissies-all) THEY Won, AND as Obama put it once: “We Won, elections have consequences”
    Not for the Wimps of the GOP/Rino’s….they are the GIFT TO THE DEM THUGS ALWAYS. If they give in AGAIN- I will NEVER vote GOP again. Done.

  • usncb says:

    OH HOW DUMB, get rid of that aged old idiot.

    1. donholmes1 says:

      You can blame Kentucky on this one. State IQ 25.

      1. reggie says:

        You give them too much credit. It’s more like the IQ of an amoeba.

  • Louise Goins says:

    Illegal amnesty violating The Constitution must NOT be enabled. If homeland security is shut down then charges of treason should be filed against those respinsible. Dear Republicans keep your promises and do what you were put in to do in midterm elections, stopping amnesty for illegal immigrants is one of those things. This caving in to blackmail needs to end forever!

  • ken29 says:

    Mitch, do what you were elected to do! Among other things stop amnesty!

    1. Ralph Long says:

      That is provided you can catch McConnell SOBER!

    2. reggie says:

      They don’t even answer the phone in his office if you call. Too gutless to do so.

  • Joan C Maxwell says:

    The dirty ‘B……s’ would cave after we voted them in to hold the line? If they cave and give O what he wants then there has to be a reckoning. And one very soon before we lose our country completely.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Amen Joan C Maxwell Nicely said!

  • savage24 says:

    McConnell and Boehner being elected to positions of leadership in the Senate and House was one of the reasons I left the Republican Party. Our country is in dire need of honorable men and women, not cowards that turn and run before the first shot is fired. Not honoring their oath of office should be enough to remove them, but then, those that elected them do not honor their oath either. Dishonorable men and women running our country is a blueprint for disaster.

    1. donholmes1 says:

      Everyone says “When the Sh!t hits the fan. Let me tell you, it has already Hit and nobody wants to admit it . Lock and Load ! ! !

  • NHConstitutionalist says:

    End the filibusterer as Reid did. Payback is in order. Enough talk, the Washington BS and Blather League have talked the American citizens to death, and we’re sick and tired of it. They say nothing that isn’t PC Pandering Capitulation or to be blunt, Puke Crappp. It’s way passed time they earned their inflated salary and self imposed perks. Why would I care if DHS is shut down? This administration has made them dysfunctional anyway. The BP has had it’s hands tied by the subversives allowing all manner of scum to float in negatively impacting our economy, jobs, security, education, healthcare, and lives. If the incompetent congress and president want them let them adopt them and pay for it with their personal funds. Or, let them camp out on the WH lawn and capitol steps without bennefit of a porta-potty. Mitch McConnell is just one more of the dottering old fools that belong in a home not our House.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Did you mean to say “belong in a nuthouse for the criminally insane”?

      1. reggie says:

        Please don’t insult those patients.

  • David in MA says:

    McConnell is in the Obama, Ried, Pelosi, camp along with Boehner, 2016 clean more of the crap out.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Davd in MA why wait until 2016 when a number of states have RECALL

  • racerx44 says:

    The dimocraps forced ofaggotcare through with their majority,,it,s unconstitutional and illegal, but they did it,,the coward spineless Boehner and drunken McConnell can,t stop them on any front,,be it immigration or the keystone pipeline that would create 40,000 jobs and cost warren buffet $2 billion a year from his BNSF railroad losing those tnakers hauling the oil now..maybe the dimocraps aren,t the only ones being paid off with oil money.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Sorry racerx44 did you mean”tankers” not “tnakers”??????

  • teaman says:

    Despicable RINO! At his age, he will never see the full extent of is liberal stupid actions…….but my grand children will!

  • paulyz says:

    If McConnell caves AGAIN, thats it for the Republican Party. They were elected to Stop this Unlawful Amnesty, it was ruled Stopped, 80% of Americans don’t want it, 26 States have lawsuits, & even Obama said he can’t do it. So why in hell cave???. An Amnesty will ensure 1 Party Democrat Socialist forever. If the GOP won’t represent us, why vote for them then?!!

    1. racerx44 says:

      McConnell is a drunken coward, the fact the our party couldn,t find someone to run against this slob in Kentucky is pitiful.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        The sad part is Kentucky had a viable alternative they voted instead for truly a coward whiny turd. Who has the intestinal; fortitude to stand up against. The large Pacs,party establishment special interest, on behalf of either his state or our nation.What I cannot comprehend is why ? Why is the likes of either Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John MCcain are not being recalled by those whom voted for these liars and thieves of liberty. Are you folks fools or just complete idiots in the states in which these turds are elected.

        1. Ralph Long says:

          Hi Peatro Giorgio perhaps this may help you to start understanding why here in Arizona Senator Amnesty John aka Juan McCain and which is McCain must be on the take from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce all of Arizona Resort and Tourist Industry,LaRaz etal that want to protect their cheapskate low wages Illegal Alien Slave Labor!

          1. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Hi Ralph : First I must admit my states senators are true Scumbags bags both Being Progressive Do MO – dogs Second We Truly Do NOT HAVE A Single Representative who is not either e Rino repuke or a demo-rat. That being the case, frankly I still see no logical reason way states with a majority of their voters being Fiscal conservative tendencies have not push for recall. There simple is no explanation for it.

      2. Ralph Long says:

        And I add Chinless Wonder Yellow Belly Coward GOP Senate Majority Misleader Mitch McConnell must be the Goofy Old Party Answer to Democrat House Minority Misleader SF Nutty Nancy Pelosi the California Leading Employer of lllegal Aliens in all the Pelosi Family Businesses now then?

        1. reggie says:

          Pelosi is dumb like a fox. Check out her husband’s business and the routing of the light rail. She also blocked credit card reform while holding stocks in said companies.

      3. gregzotta says:

        Agreed. Unfortunately.

  • The redhawk says:

    Mc Conell+Graham+Mc cain = C A P I T U L A T I O N…. You Pansies caved in like soiled Panties.. If we think that the Obama Stacked Court System will Stand up to him , WE ARE the CRAZY ONES!!!..

  • James in Texas says:

    Well, I guess my only consideration will be to asked the Governor of Texas to put in-place a plan to round up every single illegal in our state and do as Florida once did to California (they had that one coming, they accepted it), and send them all to Kentucky. It is apparent that that the folks in Kentucky must believe in the requirements of Obama, that more illegals equals more Progressive; aka; Welfare votes, which means much higher taxes, less jobs for non-illegals and enjoying watching the destruction of both the “middle-class and the Constitution”! Also, thanks for handing over the majority to the minority in the Senate! Harry Reid, the new Majority Leader in the Senate, OMGosh!

  • Robert A Hirschmann says:

    So what’s new? The RINOs cave in again. I’m sick and tired of the republican party always giving the dems what they want. We did NOT flood the house and senate with republicans in November to cater to the will of the dems!! We voted them in to oppose obummer and his agenda. And this is how they listen to the people?? I’m disgusted with the whole system.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Hey Robert A Hirschmann you might want to go explain all that to old senile Amnesty John McCain (R-Republic of Mexico) okay?

  • gregzotta says:

    Why doesn’t Mitch McConnell end the filibuster rule in the Senate, where they need 60 votes for cloture, until after the lawless presidency has ended? The House and Senate could then pass bills that are good for America and put it on Barack Hussein Obama to veto. If McConnell sticks with his current plan to cave and vote for a clean DHS funding bill, keeping the filibuster in place, does he have enough Republican votes for cloture?

    1. racerx44 says:

      because mcConnel is a drunken coward.

      1. Ralph Long says:

        Amen! Spot on Chinless Wonder Mitch McConnell ok?

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