Sessions offered to resign before Trump’s trip abroad

June 7, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions offered his resignation to President Donald Trump amid Trump’s rising frustration with the series of events that culminated in the appointment of a special counsel to investigate his campaign’s contacts with Russian officials during last year’s election.

Trump ultimately refused Sessions’ offer, which came just before Trump embarked on his first international trip in late May, according to a person who regularly speaks with Sessions. This person said the attorney general offered to resign out of a sense of obligation because he was aware of how angered Trump was about his decision to recuse from the Russia investigations in March.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not respond to a request for comment about Sessions’ resignation offer. Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores declined to comment.

In recent days however, and with fired FBI Director James Comey’s Thursday testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee set to once again put the spotlight on the Russia investigation, the White House and Trump have declined to give Sessions a vote of confidence.

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  • Leftshot says:

    Why are you repeating gossip??? Much less gossip from unnamed sources reported by an organization (CNN) that’s been reporting a ton of stuff that has been proven to be false or completely fabricated. Worse, you report this as if it is fact, when it is gossip, gossip that the State department and White House say is not true.

  • podunk1 says:

    Mr Session… Think!… The Constitution is and has been a written US English Language COVENANT consisting of words easily defined by Webster’s Dictionary, that IS predicated on the PREAMBLE, “WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES… secure the Blessings of Liberty TO OURSELVES and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”…! Because “To ourselves” and “for the USA” establishes the preface for ALL Supreme law, ALLEGIANCE TO IT, and all other law (THEREUNDER AND SUBSERVIENT TO SUPREME LAW!), aliens have no right to exist within the USA, thus no right to any citizen benefits within or by the USA, which includes the several states… by Supreme Constitution Law (Article 6!). Further, Article 6 absolute “Supremacy” & “anything to the contrary “notwithstanding” along with 2nd oath allegiance mandated to “defend without any reservation or purpose of evasion”… by “all executive and judicial officers in the USA”, leaves zero room for “anything to the contrary” to the exact words within the Constitution Covenant! By definition, those mandates apply absolutely, especially Supremacy, “top down to all… especially JUDGES… also includes contractors! Any change requires ratification by the states!

    Can you name one progressive democrat or RINO within congress, SCOTUS, and the presidential administration WHO DOESN’T SERIALLY MOCK IT BY THEIR OFFICIAL ACTIONS AND “INACTIONS” of TOLERANCE? Some try, but Allegiance isn’t a matter of trying, it’s a covenant just like “D-DAY” was for the thousands who gave their lives that day! People like Schumer should be in a stockade on the white-house lawn for all to see, instead of treated with respect!

  • Peter Pihun says:

    Jeff Sessions is Trump’s most loyal person and should be kept on as Attorney General and fully supported. Sessions, Mad Dog, Rex T, Kelly, Pruit, Conway, Bannon should be with Trump until the end.

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