Supreme Court to rule on states’ ability to clean up voter lists

May 30, 2017

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case involving whether Ohio’s rules for cleaning up its voter rolls are too draconian, the justices announced Tuesday.

At a time when voter integrity is increasingly in the spotlight, the case will put the justices front and center in a debate about how far states can go to try to make sure their rolls aren’t littered with the names of dead voters or people who have moved out of the jurisdiction.

Voting-rights advocates say culling the lists ends up stripping out legal but infrequent voters who have every right to cast ballots.

Ohio had been prodding people who were infrequent voters and those who, according to the Postal Service, had moved out of the state.

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  • Worried Vet says:

    They just found 5000 illegals registered to vote in Virginia and they had cast 7000 votes in various elections. The fraud has been going on for decades and liberals have been leading the fight to keep it going. They make up bs excuses to take to court and liberal judges keep helping them. The facts are obvious if people would take the time to look. They get away with because society has become lazy when it becomes to doing research and believing the media. Liberals have turned into not being able to debate anything. If they don’t agree they try to stop us from speaking. Now people are waking up this is why Trump won and win continue to win, as long as they try to stop free speech.

  • Bob says:

    I live in MD. When I went to vote in 2008 and gave them my name, they asked “which one?” As my father, son and I all share a name (SR. JR, and III) I understood the question, but was mildly take aback by it. My son had moved in the last year, and I know he notified DMV but probably forgot to notify the voting folks, and my father died in 1983. I was surprised that all 3 names remained on the list at my address. I asked what it took to remove a name and was told that if they failed to vote in 2 consecutive Presidential General elections, they were removed. When I pointed out that 6 election cycles passed between now and my fathers death, I was assured it was an oversight. When voting in 2012, both my father and I remained on the list for my address. I also noted that my mother, who passed in 1995, remained on the list. I asked again how a person who died 30 years prior could have voted in 2 consecutive Presidential General elections, and was given a dull look. I called the board of election and asked the same thing and was told they never received the death certificates. When I asked why they remained if they had not voted, which was my assumption as they were both dead, I was told I did not “know” that they hadn’t voted. I was incensed and asked how a person who died 30 years prior and one who died 17 years prior could POSSIBLY have voted, I was assured it would be looked into. As it was busy in my polling place in 2016, I did not get a chance to look, and would have gone off if their names remained.
    MD is a staunchly democrat state, although we now have a Republican Governor. I can only imagine how my conservative parents would feel if they knew they were voting for liberals.

    1. Daniel W says:

      Maybe People are complaining about the voting dead>>>Every time the voting dead are removed from the voting roles the democrats loose elections>>>

  • Richard Wittauer says:

    About time we bring our voter registers up to date. for the safty of our country.

  • William Hutchinson says:

    people should have a photo voter id card and a copy of the id card is put into the book that you sign when you come to vote. This way the face matches the card and the book and no one is voting illegally. I work the polls and people come in saying their son or daughter is not living here and is in college and voting in that state. We put info in book and next time we vote it has not been removed as parents come in and see it again.

  • Luke says:

    Why the hell is the USSC ruling on something like this which should be taken care of by the state to begin with, what a crazy damn place America is now with this lunacy..Anyone caught voting illegally should be put in jail for 5 years, I bet that would stop even a liberal from doing it again..

  • Rock says:

    MUST have a voter I.D. to vote, no excuse. Criminals, HAVE NO VOTING RIGHT, they gave them up with their crime.

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    2. FIRE1949 says:

      Shouldn’t all rights be restored when “the debt to society” has been “paid”?
      Maybe someone can point out which clause in the Constitution permanently revokes citizenship rights forever, other than executions, as a part of punishments.

  • Dean says:

    States, counties, cities can check residence records quite easy these days. Thanks to computers. If they find people that have not registered or voted in the past few elections, they could send out a request card to these individuals to have the reinstated. Those that want to vote and protect their voting rights should not have trouble filling out a residence confirmation card and putting it in the mail box. If no card is returned, then the state, county, or city could drop their name since they don’t want to go to the trouble of being registered. If they are not legal to vote, then they should not even be on the voters registration books.

    1. maxx says:

      This is no different than the banking industries practice of monitoring potentially inactive accounts. If an account has not had any activity in two years it is marked “dormant” and the account holder must be notified. If the bank receives no response it can close the account and any funds are transferred to the state of residence. After a certain time period the funds become property of the state. At that time the account is closed. I believe the closed records are archived for seven years due to Federal Tax laws. After that they are gone.

    2. Bob says:

      That would require people to actually “work” for the right. You can’t do that in this day and age. Even requiring a check mark on a postage paid return card would be considered “voter suppression” by those who rely on illegal voting to stay in office. We must make it easier to register, and easier to cheat. Motor-voting, registering at DMV when you get a license or permit, wasn’t easy enough. Being able to register up to a month before the election wasn’t enough time, we have to have same day registration (NO chance of that being abused, is there?) And there is a certain group that seems to take advantage of these flaws in the system.
      I still remember when I first registered to vote. I sent in all the required info when I was still 17 and was proud to get that card. I have voted in every election since Ford – Carter, even taking leave when I was in the Navy to come home and vote in local elections. While it is a right, it is also a responsibility and a privilege to vote. Folks today only seem to want to do it when the candidate “looks like them” or when they are casting “anti-votes” (like the Never Trumpers)

  • Daniel W says:

    Thank you Jesus, the dead, illegal aliens, multiple voting, convicted felons, will no longer be allowed to vote. Now the Democrats are going to have a real problem, establishing legitimate voters. Now let’s see who wins elections.

    1. maxx says:

      Considering that the democrat communist party has lost between 1,200 and 1,500 state political positions since 2000 it shows the effect voter ID laws are having. How great to see the only party suffering due to voter ID laws is the one that made an art out of vote fraud.

  • Dea Whyte-Mansburten says:

    Infrequent voters? Who haven’t voted since the 1960s?! They can re-register…assuming they are still ALIVE! Negroes don’t want to get photo IDs since most have outstanding warrants.

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