Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly assails GOP establishment for trying to coronate Jeb Bush

February 23, 2015

Phyllis Schlafly has long argued that the American conservative movement’s purpose is to influence, not echo, the Republican Party.

And still going strong at age 90, Mrs. Schlafly wants to influence the GOP anew by warning against letting the party’s “kingmakers” — the Wall Street elite and political consultant class — turn the 2016 presidential nomination contest into a coronation of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Mincing no words, Mrs. Schlafly makes her case in a 2015 update to her landmark book from a half-century ago titled “A Choice Not an Echo,” which, in 1964, became the motto of Barry Goldwater’s grass-roots movement.

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  • Old lady in Texas says:

    We DO NOT need another Bush. We need a candidate that CAN WIN!!! Real Americans are so sick and tired of all this “stink”. We want someone who is really for America, not themselves and their “DO ANYTHING” attitude to gain power and wealth. Haven’t they really talked to Americans? All they seem to do is jet around the country and lie to everyone. Right now, I’m not even sure I will vote. They may have an R or a D after their name, but seems like they are all the same. Disgusted Old Lady!!!

  • Charity says:

    Exactly WHO is the Republican in Name Only? Who sets the parameters of what a republican is suppose to believe? Teddy Roosevelt was a champion for the environment. Richard Nixon approved the national parks. Reagan was mentally ill; George HW Bush began the desecration of the GOP, with Cheney behind the scenes. George W. Bush annihilated the image of America overseas, squandered the global sympathy we had at 9/11, huffing/puffing looking foolish, attacking the wrong country. Cheney drained the national Treasury while getting a new expensive warship named for his company, Halliburton, AND getting a brand new Pentagon since the old one allegedly was attacked. The backstage puppet master for 40+ years controlled what happens in DC and probably still does. With the evil mind of Karl Rove, the new GOP does not resemble anything that I believed in 50 years ago. No one cares about the environment, pollution, dirty water, disappearing species, drought, extreme weather changes never before seen. I am serious, what do the new Republicans believe in? Why did they throw away the environment? Is it really only about money, power and how to get more of it?

    1. Bob2002 says:

      You are wrong on many of your statements about Republicans. Reagan definitely was NOT mentally ill. Cheney did not drain the national treasury, however, your hero Obama has drained the treasury for many generations to come. This makes the remainder of your comments moot. What is wrong with Nixon approving National Parks? You obviously are an environmental whacko who believes that should be the number one goal of any president. You probably support Obama and Al Gore’s false impression on global warming. Man has minimal affect on the environment. The only thing correct about your comments is the one about Karl Rove. He is a “big government” politician like you, so you should like him.

      1. Charity says:

        Thank you for the mature open dialogue I had hoped I would receive. Although it is none of your business, I didn’t say Obama was anything to me, I didn’t even mention him or Al Gore. I’m an independent thinker who hoped to have a conversation about how the republican party has changed 180 degrees from what it was. The democrats had the same infantile response you did, when I questioned them. This is why nothing changes in congress – republicans and democrats are interchangeable. Each wants to hold on to his tiny piece of power and to the hell with the country. You cannot hold a grown-up conversation without disparaging anyone that does not think like you. Lets add it up, you have decided that I: favor Gore and Obama, believe in global warming, environmental whacko, should like Rove, have a problem with Nixon and national parks, and don’t know Alzheimer is not a mental problem (it affects the brain.) Someday I hope to meet an adult republican, I would love to have a conversation sans mudslinging, of course. We are all Americans. Can’t we converse without insults and try to get along?

        1. Bob2002 says:

          All I did was respond to your criticism of some good Republicans and obviously you took offense because you made some statements that anyone would take you as a liberal who hated Republicans.

          1. I Seigel says:

            You responded to her criticisms of the Republican Party by attacking HER. You concluded that she was an Obama supporter, which made all her other statements moot. Those were your words.

            But you didn’t really address her concerns, did you? Stop attacking her and look at what she actually said. She sounds like she has some pretty valid, and deeply-felt, concerns about the direction of the party and the country.

          2. Bob2002 says:

            And who are you to come to the defense of Charity? I believe she can defend for herself. Plus, I did address the essence of her comments. Now go back under the rock you crawled out from under.

  • cumiadom says:

    America’s Conservatives do not want a RINO to represent us. They are no better than Liberals and Socialists. And they cave in so easily against our enemies.

    1. Bob2002 says:

      Amend to that. Boehner and McConnell are typical RINOs who cave to the Democrats every chance they get.

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