Democrats fail in impeachment vote hours before shutdown

January 19, 2018

impeachment vote

The House easily defeated an effort Friday to try to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, with even most Democrats joining the GOP in shooting down the attempt.

The vote came just hours before Senate Democrats were expected to lead a filibuster that could result in a government shutdown at midnight.

Lawmakers voted 355-66 to table the impeachment effort. That’s similar to the last such vote a month ago, which was tabled on a 364-58 tally.

Rep. Al Green, Texas Democrat, has introduced articles of impeachment, accusing the president of bigotry.

4 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Lynette Johnson says:

    Bigotry is NOT an impeachable offense, nor does it accurately reflect President Trump or his administration, lol
    It is my dream that every single member of congress be “re-educated” on the meaning, basis, and goals of this Constitutional Republic we live within. That after passing a basic skills test on their re-education that they are then required by law to make a consorted effort to educate their constituents as well. That voters are then tested to weed out the Marxists, Communists, and the like from being allowed to participate in future elections until such time as they prove themselves capable of ensuing pro-American morals, values, and ideas..While we are at it we should make a mandatory carry law across the country. All US Citizens from primary school onward should be trained on proper safety and use of guns for both their protection and survival so that by age 14 or so all citizens would be responsible for themselves and family and expected to carry and use a gun when appropriate.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Weak political posturing, Kabuki Theater, by a Democrat traitor!

  • Just what is it youre going to impeach Trump for? You slime ball democrats had the opportunity to get rid of Bill Clinton and did impeach him. He was stripped of his legal profession for a period of time with disbarrment. Do you want a war because the american people will rise up and kill you. Killing you rat bashturds would get me to wrinkle my fore head! This is a take over of our country keep it up and youre going to die.

    1. Navy Bob says:

      “Just what is it you’re going to impeach Trump for?” The answer is as silly as it is stupid: They are pursuing this because he won an election. They are so unhappy that he is undoing the “legacy” of their Demi-God, Obama, that he just HAS to go. They are upset that the absolute shoe in candidate lost to a relative novice and that means he HAS to go. They are NOT following the edict of Obama when he said that we must accept the outcome of the election and provide for a smooth transition of power. They are NOT following the gracious comment of Hillary in her concession speech that we must give the new administration a chance. (bet she choked on that one) NO, they must follow the orders of Schumer, Pelosi, Reid, Durbiin and the rest of the crowd and RESIST. These are the same people who wanted Rush off the air because he said he hoped that the POLICIES of Obama fail, saying he is racist for that comment. Well, I guess that means that Rep Green is a racist, using their standars as a go by.

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