Elite Media: Pioneer of “Fake News”

November 29, 2016

Rick Amato

Fake News: The New Conspiracy Theory?
As the elite media continues to try and come to grips as to why their candidate lost the presidential election and how on earth they themselves could have possibly failed in getting her elected they have settled upon a new conspiracy theory. It is the fault of “fake news”.

According to the latest elite media and democrat party talking points, Hillary Clinton lost because of the spread of “fake news” on social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and reddit. In fact, the Clinton campaign’s chief digital strategist recently blamed Facebook for enabling the spread of misinformation about Hillary, and said Democrats have been looking at how to solve the “big problem” of fake news on the social networks.

Elite Media Knows All About “Fake News”
For that they need to look no further than at themselves in the nearest mirror. The elite media has been guilty of presenting “fake news” long before this year’s election, and inevitably has lost the trust of the consuming public which is now looking for alternative news sources.

Cases In Point:

Brian Williams– Remember this guy? The former NBC news anchor was found fabricating a whole range of stories including: An Iraq War helicopter incident which he falsely claimed to have participated in, multiple false stories regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and falsely reporting to have been present during the fall of the Berlin Wall. And there were more false stories. Including reporting to have been embedded with Navy SEAL Six, which he wasn’t because the SEALs do not embed journalists.

By the way Brian Williams was paid an annual salary of $10 million! And he has now been “re-assigned” to reporting on MSNBC.

The irony of the Brian Williams story is that he was “outed” by a former U.S military member who read one of Williams false account on Facebook.

Dan Rather– Remember this long time former CBS News anchor? Rather was fired after falsely presenting forged documents about George W. Bush as fact during the 2004 presidential campaign. But there he was recently on CNN, appearing as an expert guest on the show ‘Reliable Sources’, of all things, lecturing journalists about the need ‘to grow a spine’. I’d say it took a spine for the producers of ‘Reliable Sources’ to book Dan Rather as a guest.

Rolling Stone Reports False Rape Story, New York Times Runs With It– In early November a federal jury found Rolling Stone magazine, its publisher and a reporter, guilty of defaming a University of Virginia administrator for publishing a false story about a gang rape at a fraternity house. Not long after Rolling Stone published the story – which it later redacted- the New York Times began running accounts written by alleged campus rape survivors without interviewing the accused. Several other media outlets began reporting on alleged campus rape stories all based on the original reporting of Rolling Stone.

Unfortunately the list of erroneous, false reporting by the elite media based upon its ideology is much longer than the three cases outlined above. So as the media tries to figure out the sources of “false news” and why it has become so prominent as Americans search for alternative sources, it need look no further than itself.

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10 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Bob says:

    The “Media Elites” hate groups like Fox News and Newsmax mainly because they cannot control them. They hate the facts getting out and will smear anyone who tells a different story or has a different slant. Another case in point is how Ianka Trump states she would mace her father. This was a bit by “Conservative” Talks how Host Conan O’Brien and was run with by the media as fact. Why would they do this? Mainly because I fit their narrative. Notice how they leapt at the “evidence” and story of Bush and the Guard, even while it was typed n a font not in use during the time of the story, yet ignored and marginalized people that served with Kerry and their proof of conduct during his service and his disdain of the Military afterward. (just look at his testimony before Congress where he called his comrades murderers and his comments WHILE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT disparaging those serving in the Middle East)

  • Starr Jim says:

    As a kid, I remember being anxious to awake early Saturday mornings to listen to LET’S PRETEND. Well, it went off the air in the forties just after the war.
    I think it was on NBC.
    Anyway, LET’S PRETEND is back and not just on Saturday mornings. Now we can all listen to it almost 24-7, on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR and yes even little CNN.
    Too bad it’s not called LET’S PRETEND any more, it’s just fake news.

  • Karll says:

    The lies and bias of the left stream media have existed for a couple
    of decades and have only gotten worse. They started out with more
    subtlety and slooowly increased the volume over years in their fairly
    successful attempts at brainwashing the weak minded. It was always
    apparent to me that these were merely lap dogs of the increasingly
    socialist democrat party.
    Since about 2006 (my guess) they’ve gone completely overboard.
    The 24/7 hysterical, race baiting coverage of the shootings of trayvon,
    mike brown (and other “innocent” blacks) was beyond the pale, and
    showed me that these media creeps were working in concert to
    achieve the agenda of their nefarious, leftist masters.
    People are FINALLY starting to see that these “journalists” are hacks,
    and hopefully, their ratings and circulations continue to suffer.

  • Stephen J. Koach says:

    The “fake” news should cover there lies by omission. They will not cover Sheriff Joe and the police forensic investigation into our “fake” president, December 15 at four o’clock mountain standard time, let alone all the sick “pizza gate” criminal activity.

  • Askjrsk says:

    Be wary of all news. FAKE NEWS rampant. Remember the headlines “Trump furious with Kelly Ann”? FAKE. FALSE narratives. Media is doing it to themselves. Don’t believe anything until it can be substantiated. Drive by NEWS INCAPABLE and incompetent with real facts and figures.

    1. Karll says:

      And they are incapable of doing ANYTHING other than doubling down
      on their bias and deceit.
      They’re pathetic.

      1. Askjrsk says:

        Absolutely do true. The

      2. Askjrsk says:

        Absolutely! So true.

        1. Maggiecclutter says:

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  • Betty says:

    have not trusted main media since 2000 just too many incomplete quotes only enough given to swing “news” in their direction

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