Lindsey Graham Disses Trump Again: Don’t ‘Count On The President To Have Your Back’

June 28, 2017

VDhT-F2WSen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Monday it is not smart for lawmakers to rely on the president when it comes to creating legislation.

MSNBC asked Graham to comment on Senate Republicans’ healthcare bill, which GOP leaders are hoping to put up for a floor vote later this week.

“Here’s what I would tell any senator: If you count on the president to have your back, you need to watch it,” Graham said. “Here’s what I told the House guys: You need to understand the Senate is a different animal. I don’t think the House bill was mean, I’m not so sure it was as well-constructed as it could have been.

“Our bill is a bit better, it saves more money, and I think in many ways it has a softer transition.”

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  • Warren says:

    Trump would be a Fool to have Lindsey Graham’s Back He would get all tangled up in the Puppet Strings !! “Rat”

  • Anouk says:

    Lindsey Graham is another hypocrite whore! Such a slime loser.

  • Pete Bundy says:

    I really wish the people in Arizona, SC and a few other states would get rid of their RINO representatives. I heard when the new member from Montana spoke on the floor an mentioned term limits he was booed. Those that booed need to be voted out next time around.

  • Kenneth Hadler says:

    Obamacare is actually the “pig in the poke” deal because it was voted in by legislators who had not read it and had no idea what was in it. Planned Parenthood funding should definitely be removed because their main function is killing unwanted babies. Congress in both houses should be working together to improve the health care, removing certain sections and filling the gaps where needed without robbing the middle class. No bill should be passed that excludes the lawmakers from the same coverage as it provides for the public.

  • Webb says:

    Graham, same ole, same ole…he never changes!!
    Republicans had close to seven years to have Legislation for healthcare… Ready for Repeal if they gained both houses and the Presidency…
    Yet, here we are, we voted and Nothing…
    Congress worries about the Price Of Insurance…While the Key Is HealthCare Prices…Doctors, Hospitals and Drug Companies…Until they are reduced, cost will remain the same….

  • Bob says:

    He remains p*ssed off that he lost in the primaries to Trump. He, Cruz, and Paul should just get over their loses and start to work WITH the administration rather than against it. We have a Democrat Party to do that. And McCain should realize that Trump did what he could not do, win in the general election against a “shoe in” candidate, and also get on board. Just because Trump is not “one of us” does not mean they should not at least try to find common ground or they are going to lose big time in 2018.

  • teaman says:

    The RINO prick speaks again. Of course, I know why for he loves to kiss dummycratic butt!!

  • mudguy1 says:

    When stupid people elect stupid people you get people like Lindsey Graham.

  • texexpatriate says:

    No one in politics is worthy of your trust. No one. When small children first show an interest in politics we should cut their throats. Only people who have no interest in politics at all should be allowed in government.

    1. Pete Bundy says:

      The word politics come from the Greeks. Poly means many and tics mean blood suckers. What we have in DC an other areas of government be it local, state or other areas are a bunch of self centered blood suckers feeding off the taxpayer.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Mr. Graham is smart enough to understand the President and his short comings. One minute the President is throwing a party to celebrate the House healthcare bill and the next he is calling it mean. Our President isn’t skilled at legislation or even how congress work. Lindsey Graham knows that Trump will pat him on the back and then push him under a bus. Neither the house bill or the senate bill fixes the problem or even make things better but congress needs to pass a bill even a bad one. The one thing we can count on is the White House will not be the leader in creating a bill.

    1. itsfun says:

      Its the job (responsibility) of the Congress to pass bills. Obama is the one calling a new health care insurance plan mean. Our President does know how to get things done. He goes to the people of this great nation. If Congress continues to ignore the will of the people, the members of Congress will soon be looking for a new job. Lindsey Graham is just a RINO that will support the left in almost anything. He has no leadership skills at all. He is just a extension of fake news and cannot be trusted. The President is doing all he can to fulfill the campaign promises he made. That is why he was elected.

      1. bobnstuff says:
        Trump called it mean, then Obama did and then Trump said but I said it first. If the President knows how to get things done why hasn’t he hired a staff yet, what’s he waiting for, the highest bid? As far as the will of the people, people don’t like the republicans healthcare bill. Even Congress doesn’t like it. Graham was elected over and over again so he must be in office because of the will of the people. In the last election the so called left got more votes the so called right. I would talk to much about the will of the people if you want the right wing agenda to make it through congress.

        1. itsfun says:

          Bob: The left has lost something like 1043 government seats since 2010. That is the will of the people in a nutshell. President Trump has not hired people for useless positions. That is being cost conscious. Graham is just another career politician that couldn’t care less about the people. People are starting to learn they can get rid of the career people by draining the swamp. Career politicians are scared to death of that happening. These people go into office as non-millionaires and come out as multi-millionaires. Where do they get that money? The right wing as you call it has a agenda, the left only has a hate Trump agenda.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I guess ambassadors to places like Europe or Canada are useless. One in three embassies are with out ambassadors
            I also guess federal prosecutors aren’t important either. In the last election there were more votes for democratic candidates then for republicans but thanks to gerrymandering the republicans kept their offices.
            As far as draining the swamp, a term that Trump has said he didn’t like, look at the new alligators Trump has brought in.

          2. itsfun says:

            I think most ambassadors are useless. You can make any excuse you want or make up any story you want, but the fact is the left has lost 1043 seats in government since 2010. If you mean new alligators such as the fake Russia collusion, try again. The President has highly qualified and very successful people in his cabinet. The only agenda the dems have is hate Trump. No one even knows what the dems stand for or want. The leaders are now just people with filthy name calling mouths.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            How does seats lost to the republicans have anything to do with Grahams not trusting Trump to have his back Don’t forget Graham is a republican and as many republicans have known Trump isn’t a very good leader. Oh and the latest thing is Trump is admitting that the Russians tried to influence our election and is complaining that Obama didn’t do enough.

            It’s not just the state department that Trump hasn’t staffed, it’s most departments. Trump is proving to the world that he is in over his head. Right now Trump has sold most of the jobs to the highest bidders.

          4. gvette says:

            I always laugh at you Blob! When you’re half as successful as trump, let me know.
            Also, remember the supposed Russian interference was on Oniggers watch. You forgot that part Blob. By the way, that goes on all the time. They do it, and we do it. Funny you forgot Onigger tried messing Israels election, with taxpayer dollars.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            All Trump has is money and that’s only because of Daddy. I have never stiffed a supplier, been sued by my employees, had to pay a fine for anything, never gone bankrupted and can remember what Church I belong to. I consider myself in the things that count much more successful then Trump.

          6. gvette says:

            first, trump has personally never gone bankrupt. Now, the employees you’re referring to are contractors. Do you understand contract law? The rich folks Iused to do work for are people like Trump. They have contractors build. They are contract driven. If you don’t follow the contract, you don’t have to pay them.
            If you read about Trump, you’ll find he got a loan from his father, that he had to pay back.
            LOL…as far as the church you belong to, that doesn’t mean anything. You’re holler then though on Sunday, and an asshole the other 6 days. I know lots of people like you. As I remember you said you owned businesses.I’d say if you were honest, they failed.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            None of my companies ever went bankrupt and if your business goes bankrupt it’s the CEO’s fault. You need to do your homework on his employees not suing him because a bunch did. And yes I understand contract law, Trump broke contracts on a regular bases. Even after Trump saying the contractor did bad work so he wouldn’t have to pay up he offered them more work. If you take the time to read about Trump you will find that his father gave him millions in inheritance and even that first million also came with a $80 million line of credit. Even with all the money from Daddy he still almost lost everything. Face it Trumps history is that of a con artist. Without his Daddy he would be one of the world great used car salesman.

          8. itsfun says:

            Like I said Graham is nothing more than a RINO, a bitter one at that because President Trump kicked his ass in the campaign. Obama did know about Russia trying to meddle with our election and did nothing about it. Obama was President then, and just kicked the can down the road. Even his administration people admit that. Trump is proving to the world that he will make America great again. He will not draw red lines then run away from them. You say the President has sold jobs to the highest bidder, another made up fake story. The President doesn’t need to sell anything to anybody. He is already rich and doesn’t need corrupt money as Hillary proved she did and now Obama is proving the same about his self.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            Rino, isn’t that what the fools call true republicans, you know the ones that built the party and not the Jonny come lately that are trying to take over the party? Trump is proving to the world that the American voters are fools to let a man like Trump anywhere near the White House.
            Explain our Secretary of Education if you don’t think he sold jobs.

          10. itsfun says:

            nope, RINO are just libs in disguise. The President is proving that Americans are sick and tired of political correctness, being pushed around by piss-ant nations, letting illegal immigrants get free housing, food, medical care, free education, etc. Our Secretary of Education is a well qualified person who happens to believe that those that want private education have the right to private education. She wants parents to have a choice, something the left doesn’t believe in.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            A president that just barely squeaked by one of the worst candidates in history. He didn’t even get 50% of the vote in a low turnout election. Most of those free bees are myths made up by the media that you follow. As for our Sec of Ed, name anything in her past that would make you want her for the job. Public education is one of the things our country was founded on and she has no faith in it.

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