NYC provides benefits to 1 million illegals…

November 3, 2016


NEW YORK (FOX5NY) – New York City is known for being a melting pot. One third of the people living in the Big Apple are immigrants.

“The reality is the city as a whole is serving immigrant families every day,” said Nisha Agarwal, commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. She sat down with us to speak about the work the city is doing to help its immigrant community.

“It is very important for New Yorkers to feel very connected to their city government to know the city is providing arraignments through different services and that we are open and accessible to immigrants,” she said.

In January of 2015 Mayor Bill de Blasio launched the municipal ID program known as IDNYC, an identification card that allows New Yorkers to receive city benefits and perks no matter what their immigration status is. Agarwal said 900,000 people signed up.

In 2014 the city spent $14 million a year on immigrant services, according to a city budget analysis. Today the city is spending $30 million, launching new programs like Action NYC, a free community-based legal service program. We Are New York provides English language classes and other opportunities to improve English. The city works with organizations like Make the Road New York, which helps with community outreach and with providing these services.

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  • Front Sight says:

    NYC deserves all the unlawful migrants they can hold. The People’s Demokratik Republik of Kalifornia can spare 10,000,000

  • NJ Lady says:

    Ah, but David Stewart, New Yorkers are the last to know that they are “dims!”

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      1. Front Sight says:

        So this is how the Hildabeast made her money!

    2. Niko says:

      Easy NJ lady I am a die hard, extreme right wing, God fearing, Constitution supporting, Armed, Conservative that is 4th generation from NYC. Let’s not forget what a filthy cesspool Northern NJ is and also having the biggest muslime population after Michigan along the border of NY and NJ. Trenton is at the same level as Albany. There is no difference…

      1. NJ Lady says:

        Niko — I must “correct” some of your observations. Northern NJ is not a “filthy cesspool.” Much of Hudson County has become that way (but not all), and Bergen County, which is very large, is still basically suburban, with a few quasi urban areas, but not as you describe. We can only hope that this County doesn’t go down.

  • David Stewart says:

    New Yorkers deserve whatever befalls them; de Blasio WAS elected by popular vote, wasn’t he? Of course, Dims rule in N.Y.!

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Isn’t he an admitted communist, and how many of this bunch are muslims!!

      1. Niko says:

        Rodney, I am fourth generation from NYC and yes they do not hide it anymore, he is an admitted communist , fag and muslime loving piece of shit.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          I knew I’d get the correct answer from you friend, still looking to get out of the state! You know NY is said to be the prize for the muslims!!

          1. Niko says:

            Glad to hear from you, NYC is in the top three. The state I would put at position 8 or so. There are several states before NY. Getting out is all I can think about. I’m stuck here for a good year and a half. 13 more days, I am having cervical revision surgery coming up to correct the loosening of hardware from a 3 level discectomy fusion in the front. Now I need a four level discectomy fusion with bone grafts thru the back of neck. I have a few places in mind, where I think would be safe to go, any suggestions? I am open to hear other people’s opinions.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            My goodness friend, hope all that goes well, that’s some serious stuff! We talked a couple of weeks ago about coming South, and that Deer season has just opened, but it’s still to hot and a lot of snakes still out! Just not blessed with a lot of jobs right now, Obama has killed some!

          3. Niko says:

            Thanks fur the kind words, much appreciated. This will be my 8th surgery in 4 years. Hunting season fur deer and bear starts in the northern part of the state last week of September. 3rd week of November the whole state is good to go fur hunting. Hang in there your time will come. Since you brought up dumbo obumbo killing jobs, i am curious to ask what do you do for a living, it sounds like you are out of work. Me I was a union sheetmetal worker, fur 26 years, then the physical problems arised

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            Retired, wife too, we were lucky enough to make a good a pretty good living, when I got out of the military, went to building houses, wife retired from a State job! We both kinda retired younger than most, but we love it, bought my a lot of my Grandfathers farm! Most all the neighbors are family or kin folk, and all are pretty close! But most everyone (Male) has some military, just something the family believed in! But I do feel for you my friend, I’ve had my back worked on twice and it has slowed me down a good bit, but do as much as possible!!

          5. Niko says:

            First off thank you for your an your family’s service. I myself am ex – airborne – special forces, 80 thru 86, South America. I do more than I should, need to stay in shape and of course, lock and loaded, lol. I retired the top of this year on a full disabilty pension. 54 years old so I also can say I retired young. I really loved doing my job, hanging on the side of a Manhatten skyscraper 500 feet in the air on a swing stage scaffold doing sheetmetal. I worked on every skyscraper in the 5 boroughs. If you had your back worked on then, then you certainly know the deal. I hope retirement is going well for you both.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            My Dear Friend, you can have ALL that HIGH stuff you want, got to much ground squirrel in me! 🙂 Doing well, but still work for it, grow it, kill it, and catch it, then we eat well!! Love the country life and even have our own family firing range!! You just take care of yourself and get well, never know what’s headed our way and things are happening now that I thought I’d never see! Get well quick!! 🙂

    2. Niko says:

      I am 4th generation living in the cesspool that is now NYC. Just to let you know the people in this city are mostly F@$&?!G TURDS. ONLY 700,000 people voted on dibastardo’s mayoral run out of 8.5 million people here. I voted against off course but most of those people that voted were socialist/communist/fags/muslime pigs. In case you did not know.

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