ISIS urges jihadis to get into hostage-taking business, buy weapons at U.S. gun shows

May 7, 2017

florida_story_of_the_year_31671_c0-7-3786-2214_s885x516The Islamic State is being slowly pushed out of towns in Iraq and Syria, but its hold on social media is continuing with new directives to followers on new ways for “slaughtering” non-Muslims.
The terror Army’s official Rumiyah (Rome, a desired conquest) magazine tells Muslims how to commit “Just Terror Attacks.”

For one, start purchasing weapons at U.S. gun shows to avoid background checks, or if that fails, use a knife and baseball bat. The terror group wants more jihadis to get into the hostage-taking business, telling them how to subdue “screams.” Good locations for “massacres” are college campuses, movie theaters, and swimming pools.

The Islamic State, identified by the Pentagon by the acronym ISIS, also tells extremists to place fake job or real estate ads on Craigslist and eBay to lure victims, according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadi communications.

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  • Tiger says:

    They going to get a big surprise at those gun shows when they find they will have a background check, even at Feed Stores you have background checks.

    As to any other things that their leaders are suggesting with the American people at a breaking point when it comes to refugees sucking our tax dollars and Muslims complaining and acting out in many of our states, bring it on cause we won’t tolerate it.

    As to luring people on Craigslist that won’t last long either. In my neck of the woods in Florida gun shops won’t sell to Muslims or Arabic men and CAIR took them to court and the judge said tough, the owners choice.

  • Rob says:

    This has Bloomberg written all over it! How stupid do they think we are? You have to fill out an FFL and the idiots who wrote this article don’t know what their talking about! Baseball bat? Gun show?
    This sounds like an American, not an ISSIS Queer!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    I got news for them, they DO RUN BACKGROUND checks on you at gun shows, this is made up BS by the left that they don’t! I’ve been to a lot of gun shows, and their are more ATF and Law enforcement than you know, most in plain clothes! No matter what, if the muslims want to do the Jihad thing, it’s a truck, knife, or even a fork, they’re going to kill someone they’re that brainwashed by the cult!

    1. carpkiller says:


      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Looks like you’ve been to a few gun shows yourself!! The law is everywhere!

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        I find it hard to believe anything coming from Harvard or Northeastern schools of snowflakes and cupcakes, and then it being under the Obama tribe, then through in Hellary C., can’t go along with that one, been to to many!

        1. mrpoohead says:

          But you’ll believe the Alt-right media who have stories so full of holes I could drive a truck through. Ha, ha!

          And the article says it is mostly on-line sales and private sales – have you been to many of those? Ha, ha!

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            Just can’t go with liars that all these idiots have been known to be to many times! I love the self up vote again! 🙂

          2. mrpoohead says:

            But you’ll happily go with “drivel”? Funny as!

  • Jose says:

    Hope the first ones they hit are the same ones who “b” and moan about letting everyone come into the USA without being properly screened, specially those from those countries that hate (and openly say so) the USA. They had it easy getting here when obama (one of them) was their doorman.

    1. Judiroleary says:

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