Top Pentagon posts are 70 percent vacant as confirmations continue to lag

October 15, 2017

61485355The slow pace of confirming Trump administration nominees shows no signs of abating at the Pentagon as mid-October rolls around and 70 percent of its top posts remain unfilled.

Just 17 of the 57 Pentagon positions that require Senate confirmation have been filled by President Trump’s appointees. That figure has barely budged in two months, leaving the military without a spectrum of leaders who can put the administration’s stamp on policy.

“I think we should be very concerned and informal reports I get from the Pentagon suggest that this is a problem, that this is not just like business as usual over there,” said Thomas Spoehr, the director of the Center for National Defense at the Heritage Foundation.

The White House, which had been slow to name nominees, rolled out three more names this week, including John Rood, a senior vice president at defense giant Lockheed Martin, for undersecretary of defense for policy.

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  • Tony McQueen Sr. says:

    Fire the one’s that will not get off their ass and do their job.

  • Tiger says:

    The Politburo in action.

  • Mike N says:

    Too bad so much of this is not about qualification, but an attempt to the president at the expense of our country. Most of this is from the dems, but the GOP has the likes of McCain. On top of that we have Collins and Murkowski who are basically liberals. It is time to work with the President for the good of our country.

    1. goldie says:

      This is what our tax dollars are paying them to do; obstruct constructive government. This is sickening. In the real world they would be fired.

  • tryscavage says:

    Non-confirmation comes from the Republican and Democratic Parties for the SOLE purpose why ‘draining the swamp’ is so desperately needed. THESE are Senators and Congressmen (and women) who MUST be voted out of office. They have totally fallen to the deepest sin of government: POWER.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Hold the hearings but don’t rubber stamp. Get the jobs filled with people who are qualified for the job. We don’t need lobbyists, political hacks or large donors in those jobs. We need smart honest people who first and foremost serve the country and it’s people not just some political agenda.

    1. chw2000 says:

      I would say you should apply but then you said, “serve the country” and we all know you never did that. And besides, that poor knee of yours would probably just get in the way.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I have served my country, more then you. I created hundreds of jobs and employed a lot of Vets. I have help a number of others start business that employed thousands of people. I have also given back to my country volunteering in a number of different projects. This election day I will be working the polls, helping to safeguard the vote. I have written checks to the government for well over a million dollars. Other the sleep in the mud what have you done. Other then yourself who have you helped?

        1. Jose says:

          You must have been a big lottery winner cause high education is not evident with your knowledge of words. The word you keep using is “then” when it should be “than”. Look up the meaning of both words.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I never learned to spell, My secretary was a very good speller.

          2. Jose says:

            LMAO. What happened, you said “My secretary “WAS” meaning he/she/it no longer works for you (if you actually had one) but was it because you pulled a weinstein

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I’m retired, sold my last business and she went with the business, it couldn’t have run without her. I have been very lucky that I have always had people to fix my spelling.I had a secretary from the time I was 23 till I retired. Before that my girl friend in college was worked as a secretary and I dictated all my paper. Life has been good.

        2. chw2000 says:

          Actually, I AM serving my country on a continued basis as an elected official. You, on the other hand, apparently have never run for office, but rather choose to simply supply your chosen candidate with finances to do what you would like them to do. In Washington it’s known as lobbying, in your case it’s called bribery. You, Bob, “safeguard the vote”? And just how do you do that? A “poll watcher”? Bet you’ve caught lots of fraudulent voters. I would also bet you have never written “checks to the government for well over a million dollars”. You’re a joke AND an ass hole.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I have held elected office but in the party, I have been a Ward Chairman in the Republican party. This time I’m a poll worker, not a watcher, you know the guy who asks you your name and makes sure you are who you say you are and make sure you are aloud to vote. In Pa. we don’t have a problem with voter fraud. Our system works well. As far as paying taxes, I own businesses most of my working life. You know those corporate taxes that everyone is complaining about, well I know them well. I have owned two corporations, a sole proprietorship and been a working partner. And yes I have supported candidates, you got a problem with that. If you do then you also have a problem wit Trump and the Koch Bro. although unlike Trump I have never supported a democrat.

          2. chw2000 says:

            Let me tell you something, holding an “elected office” in the “party” doesn’t count. Put your name on a ballot and let the public vote for or against you. Until you do that and are elected, you’ve never been an elected official. You’re a fraud and an ass hole.
            Now, as for corporate taxes, President Trump is “spot on” with wanting to reduce corporate taxes and repatriate corporations that have bone abroad. As for your “self owned corporations”, what are they? What did you manufacture? I doubt you can answer those questions. Selling real estate and having your wife as your book keeper doesn’t qualify as “sole proprietorship” You’re a fraud.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            How do you you elect party officials where you are, here your names is on the ballot and you are elected as part of the primary. Are you sure you have ever run for office because you sure don’t have much knowledge of elections.

            I owned a chain of retail stores, an advertising agency, a restaurant and was partners in an engineering firm. I also did rental properties for a while. I hate rental properties. That’s the short list.

            As I have said the tax code needs fixed so it’s fair. The amount a company pays shouldn’t be based on how good your accountant is or your lawyer. Trump 15% or 20% is a little low but a clean 25% corporate and 20% capital gains would be great. The thing is everyone must pay that rate, no freeloaders, no 0% on corporations making a profit. As far as personal tax rate I think 25% top rate is fine as long as it is a true 25% off the top. In reality the top rate would be 20% for most top earners anyway since they would set the income up as capital gains anyway. Our present tax code is a rigged system, the little guy pays a higher rate then the big company. Just so you know what I’m asking for would have raised my taxes, I had a great accountant.

            The idea that cutting taxes would create jobs or grow the economy is a lie, it doen’t happen that way. When you cut taxes you cut government income pure and simple. The reason to fix the tax code has nothing to do with jobs and everything to do with fair.

          4. chw2000 says:

            You’re totally full of shit! I know more about elections than you. Run for a PUBLIC office ass hole. NOT some partisan political party position. You’re a total ass hole and you need an enema.
            You obviously don’t know shit about the tax code either. Deductions for equipment depreciation, research expense, etc. are important for growth. I suppose you think that employee salaries shouldn’t be deductable either. As for the current tax code, you’re wrong on it being a “rigged system”. The current system provides for “accountable” deductions that corporations incur. The “little guy” also receives deductions and it’s up to everyone that files to apply those deductions. Trump’s 15% or 20% will absolute stimulate the economy, create jobs and stimulate the economy. For having done so much in the private sector, you certainly don’t know shit! Fixing the tax code has everything with both jobs and fair. You just don’t want to admit when Trump is right. You’re an ass hole!

          5. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t have time to teach you basic business tax accounting here but standard of decelerated depreciation is taken before profits and there are limits to it. All business expenses are before profit but if you had ever owned a business you would know this. Profits are what is left after expenses usually the last line on your P&L statement.

            The tax system is rigged to make it so even small businesses need tax accountants if they don’t want to pay more taxes then they have to. I have had very good accountants over the years and they have save me a lot of money.

          6. chw2000 says:

            Hey shit bag, I do own a business and I know exactly what you’re talking about. How about accelerated depreciation, ever heard of that? You think you’re the smartest person on earth, well you’re not. Not even close. If you think I don’t understand the tax code, well that’s up to you but I can assure I take EVERY BUSINESS DEDUCTION that I’m entitled to. I would suspect you did the same.
            As for you paying so much in taxes. youo didn’t pay a damn thing. Your company’s taxes where payed by increased cost of the paper clips you manufactured and the low wages you paid your workers. You’re an ass hole Bob. A complete Democ-rat ass hole!
            Oh, and by the way ass hole, I still own my business and pay estimated taxes every quarter. I’m sure that’s more than you can say. Ass Hole!

          7. bobnstuff says:

            Doing business in the bathroom or on the street corner isn’t quit the same as owning a real corporation. I’m hardly the smartest person on earth but I don’t have to be to be smarter then a fool mouthed baboon like you. If you own a business and do your own taxes you are a fool or you have a hobby. You aren’t worth the time to explain business finance to and how taxes are just another cost of doing business.

          8. chw2000 says:

            Hey shit head, I never said I did my own taxes. Why would you assume I do? You’re an self centered ass hole. And I assure you, My business doesn’t take place in the bathroom or on the street corner. You’re really a stupid ass hole.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            Sorry then it must be at truck stops then because you haven’t shown anything that would convince me you could run a real business.

          10. chw2000 says:

            I don’t have to convince you of anything. You’re an ass hole. As for doing business in the bathroom the only person i”ve ever heard of doing that is your idol, Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. You don’t know a damn thing about business………….ass hole!

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    1. carpkiller says:

      Who gives a fuck. Stay on subject.

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