Trump slams Dems for not helping to fix Obamacare ‘catastrophe’

June 14, 2017

Trump-slamsStanding with two families victimized by Obamacare, President Trump shamed Democrats on Tuesday for not joining Republicans working to fix the health care law that he called a “catastrophe.”

It was part of an aggressive push to get a health care bill through the Senate this summer and put Democrats on the spot for hamstringing the effort.

“The Democrats have let you down big league,” the president said on the tarmac after arriving in Air Force One in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he met with the two families.

Mr. Trump repeatedly hammered congressional Democrats in recent days for being “obstructionists” rather than helping repair the health care law or allow honest debate of the rest of his agenda.

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  • The Democrats have learned from the National Socialist Party, that if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth; which seems to be the Democrats stratagem for turning America into a Liberal, i.e. Communist; Progressive, i.e., Communist; Socialist, i.e., Communist country. Democrats, are now approaching Communist ideology and are responsible for this unintended Machiavellian and pernicious change in our American politic.

  • Webb says:

    Repeal was promised…Repeal it should be but understanding a 60 vote to repeal all, it cannot be done. So repeal what you can especially The Mandate!
    Until The Cost of Medical Care is reduced such as Doctors visits and Hospital stays and Drugs, nothing will change in Healthcare.
    When a Visit to a doctor to take off a small growth on your arm which is benign cost $1150.00 for 15 minutes work, that’s the price from the doctor not the Insurance Company…
    Cost of Healthcare through our medical system must be reduced…

    1. Scorpion says:

      BobNCrap…You are right. The world is not simple. The government’s job is NOT to spend millions to give welfare & illigal freeloaders free insurance coverage. I paid out of pocket for health insurance for my family & myself all of my working life. My family did not get the boats, R and other “toys” because I saw the need for health insurance; even when the premiums were $1000 EACH per month.
      You open your wallet and pay for free health free insurance for everyone.
      All businesses deserve a profit for their goods and services. That is the way it works. The business owner takes all the risk and pays all the bills.
      You can form your own insurance company and have it licensed in every state and sell it at a low price and put all the “big guys” out of business.
      What is so hard to understand that It is NOT the government’s responsibility?

      1. Webb says:

        100% correct…

  • Humble Servant says:

    Sometimes in negotiations, when one party will not move, you need to bring shaming into the mix. I know it’s hard to shame a Democrat but you cannot stop showing this to the public. The more times this is pointed out the more the public will start to believe what they are being told. There are too many people drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid and need an awakening to reality.

  • Scorpion says:

    Once again Mr. President: Keep your campaign promise and support the complete REPEAL of ObamaCare. Let the insurance companies, not the government, sell health insurance.
    Congress can mandate the insurance industry cover pre-exiting conditions & any other needed coverages.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      If only the world was as simple as some people believe it is. The reason we have the ACA is that the insurance industry was not taking care of the people who needed it. They only want to insure healthy people and only care about their bottom line. The ACA is a lot more then the market place where the government helps people buy insurance. It’s the market place that is having problems but only a small percentage of people get their insurance from there. To hear people talk you would think the insurance industry as a whole was in trouble but they are making very good profits. The problem is they want even more money and the republicans see no problem with giving it to them. The president wants the Democrats to help fix the problem but if the republicans aren’t trying to fix it how can the democrats help them. The republicans bill does not fix your rising rates or any of the other problems but is give a large gift to the insurance companies and leave the rest of the people out in the cold.

      This is from a letter I sent to my congressmen.

      We need to repeal and replace the ACA or fix it but the bill pasted by the House has done neither. Here are my thoughts on what a new healthcare bill should be. You need to sit down with the members of the other party and see if you can work it out with them to pass a true reform bill.

      Clamp down on the insurance, give them rules that protect the consumer with a Insurance Bill of Right. Protect the consumers from being denied insurance at a far price for preexisting conditions and from being dropped for using the insurance. Block all government dealings, subsidies and contracts with companies that don’t offer plans under the new law.

      Expanded Medicaid to all working poor and anyone making less then 120% of the poverty line. Also give Medicaid to all Vets and have regular healthcare provided by the healthcare system and have the VA specialize in issues unique to Vets.

      Stop the price gouging on prescription drugs and place controls on the Drug companies. Just by having the government pay the same price that other countries pay would finance much of this bill.

      All other subsides should be handled by the states with financial help from the federal government.

      Insurance companies should be aloud to sell the same insurance in all fifty states and one national set of rule would be applied. Also give a stop loss on insurance liabilities for any one illness.

      Make people responsible for their medical bills and if they choose not to buy insurance they must pay their own bills, no release of the debt by bankruptcy and providers can demand payment up front for services. Stop the uninsured from walking away from their bill. Don’t reward people for being irresponsible. Make insurance affordable to anyone who wants it and people will do the right thing.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        That good money is why they’re dropping out of Opeycare left and right!! Great job bobby!!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Go read the financial statements from those companies, they aren’t in any trouble, it’s all a show. They are funneling all there losses into the market place policies but racking it in on the Medicaid policies.

          Make these companies stop getting business from Medicaid and watch how fast they go back to the market place. $2.27 Billion net profit for Aetna alone last year.

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